Chiritsu Sketchbook
Whatever I'm working on I guess D:

Todays 1 hour studies on each image :x
Advoided using any linework underneath since I know I have the habit of committing to the line once it's drawn and painting is out of my comfort zone.

Definitely an interesting excercise. I think tomorrow will be hitting some environmental studies..

[Image: compli_jan10_Final_zpsf9baec34.jpg]

These are very nice, a great start to your sketchbook! :)

You're hitting the middle values quite well. I'd suggest slowing it down, really observing and spending a few solid hours each trying to make some finished study. This helped me a lot, as I too am weak with painting. The speed will come as you become comfortable.

Kudos on painting without lines, I do it too, it's very challenging but really rewarding :)
Check out this video by kawayoo, it's inspiring to see the freedom that you can eventually attain from painting this way.

Hi! (It's Shez from last Sunday's Sketch-A-Thon :D)

Have you tried using wrapping lines for your figures? I found this really helped me think of them in 3d. [Image: prev4_wraplines.jpg]

:0 o hey there! lol I wasn't expecting replies and things so quickly since I still have a few other things to upload haha.

Lungcell - I do have a couple of other longer studies atm. Just working on something else in the mean time and collecting resources before I finish one of them off :D I checked out the video and it seems really interesting lol. The way the artist thinks and creates is a little beyond me atm but maybe I will understand it a little better some day soon. D:

Scheherazade - Hii :0 I don't think I have used that sort of technique before but will give it a try! I just finished a year in 3d animation/modeling which has helped me think about my drawings in 3d a lot more than before so I'm not entirely sure if I already subconsciously think about these things etc lol

Anyways, Hopefully I'll have a few more other things to update with soonish. I kinda do it in blocks lol

[Image: value_study_03_zps70f96707.jpg]
[Image: 01_Poses1minpage_zpscefa87a9.jpg]
[Image: 05_ChiHourstudy_zps7122bd1b.jpg]
[Image: 05_30pose30min_zpsc22fee23.jpg]
[Image: 07_RobotPortChi_zps1927e6c1.jpg]

So this is what I've done recentlyish in order. Not everything I do is uploaded lol D:

[Image: 02_Portrait.jpg]

Forgot that this was another study I had done D:

Nice work!
Soo, it's been a-while since I last updated so here's a quick peek at what i've been working on..
I guess there's more updates on my blog at the moment haha

[Image: Cactoid_uv_test_01_zps3a9ea89e.png]
[Image: snap_02_zps7db3e8d5.png]
[Image: Rabbitgirl_01_zps4408ba9c.png]
[Image: Dagobert_wip01_zpsfa986b73.png]


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