smrrfette's Odyssey
i'm so jealous of you..:))
skydiving is on my to do list, among other crazy things.. (and i'm one of those who is scared of heights)
sker2 - hahaha! and oh? scared of heights?! ^_^ you've absolutely just gotttttt to do it now!! Make it the next thing you do! You won't regret it! :D

Anatomyanatomyanatomy - oh how I've neglected you so.

Bouguereau master study for this week's hwk for the Art Camp (took like 15hours++) as well as the 25 colour studies -- as for the 25 coloured from imagination... it's not that I didn't have the time this time 'round - I was just incredibly frustrated with each and every one of the ones that I started - so I have a bunch of unfinished coloured thingies from imagination :/ although I did sketch quite a bit in pencil :s
I'll definitely do these/finish these when my mind isn't so confuddled.

Also tried working all gestural and shiz with my lines while studying from life etc
aaand a self-portrait + eye studies that halfishly looks like me kind of but not really. I need to work on that for sure. But really trying to see and translate form from my own face is surprisingly helpful when it came to sketching stuffs from head...
so yeah, then a couple of refless schtuffs...

v light source = ? The skele-man's hands are nonsensical, the legs of the pirate chic does not account for contrapposto - instead looks like one of those statues of a man walking where the hips stay tort, but the legs move... IMPOSSIBRU. Got a lotta work to do.
Tomorrow - start week 3 of AC, study hand & arm positioning, hip movement

Can't wait for tomorrow! Brand spankin' new day o/

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
wow...just're getting so good, I'm really impressed with your progress since the last time I came here, when you reach the top don't forget about us down here xD, the first study is great, everything is so much better, really inspiring :D

Hey Smrrfette, boy things are really coming to life in your SB. Great progress here and clear improvement, especially with your paintings! Sketches are getting more solid too! Nothing to tell you I don't think you'll get on your own at the trajectory your on!! Good stuff, keep grinding!
it's not so bad.. at first i would be like "what am i doing,what was i thinking" and then just jump.. for the experience..
plus i'm a bit of a adrenaline junkie.. and being afraid makes the experience better..:))

that 15h study looks good..
when doing gesture try to be more loose with your lines.. an begin with the stick figure first , then put all those C and S curves..
this might help
M. Calza - hahaha naw I'd never do that! o/ I really don't see this 'improvement' you speak of ;_; but wow thanks for the encouraging words! Means a lot! :D (p.s. long time no speak!)

I STRaY I - :o hey Stray! Thanks man :) ! I wish I was able to see this 'clear improvement' you speak of :Shock -- also, it's good to see you back here! Been a long time!

sker2 - haha I get what you mean, actually that's exactly how I felt and how I am :3
and wow thanks a lot for that vid!! It's amazing! ^_^ I just wish I saw it earlier in the day before I did some more gestures >:

colour studies for still lifes!
Tried to focus on composition as well as colour... need to work on compo a lot more.

quick gestures from Quickposes (I wanna get my QP certificate hurhur *cough*)

and daily self portrait - feel I learned a lot this time 'round. Getting closer to looking like me ... sorta :)

nighty night daggers o/ !

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Oh yeah, thats normal right? As artists it's so easy to be hard or sometimes too humble. But thats awesome. It's such a terrific sign of desire to learn and push further, me thinks anyway. Regardless, there's sign of improvement. Just go back and see page 1 or up to post #24 and just consider it. You'll see all the things you would have done today. From late page 3 your paintings and these thumb exercises seem to be really helping. Post #80 is my favorite to be honest, #82 a very close second. I really like the master study there. On that I piece, I think you could have gone a bit further on the fabric and landscape, 15 hours in, whats another few. hah. The lady is nails though. A clear sign of improvement. I'm sure deep inside you feel it going down, if not, do! Nothing wrong with a well deserved confidence boost from time to time, I think. And I'm glad to be back, thanks!
I STRaY I - oh my, haha woooow look at those dreadfully overly-petted lines on page 1... and those... faces. More like feces. ô_õ" I guess you're right, there's a bit of an improvement, but I'm still unable to represent the butt-tonne of madness lurking inside me head :D really though, thank you for taking the time to look through all that poop and actually point out that I am kiiiiinda improving! It means a lot!
And whaaat you actually like that #80 sketch?! wew thanks!
Also haha yeah by the end of the 15hrs I looked at the fabric and was like fffffffk that shiiii-.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ -- even though it would have helped a lot! Although, I'm proud to say that's the closest to a finished piece of work that I've done so far. Personal best \o/ !

Today; worked on gesture studies, trying new techniques (as opposed to free-handing crap)
rendered a couple a bit further ~5mins?

2 more (not-so-)self-portrait studies - pencil, black pastel ~20-40mins

and a wip of a sketch from imagination - veeerry rough

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
lots of cool stuff.... i especially dig your small value and color studies. they rock In love
Just looked through this sketchbook from the first page; fantastic improvement. Keep up the good work.

i see that my link with the gesture video helped..:D
(watch out for proportions.. hands/legs)
and...boy you look so serious in the second self p.
Tec - hey, thanks Tec c: !

Ignatz - thank you man! ^_^

sker2 - it really did, thanks again :) and haha yeah, I was trying to go for a different expression, but instead it ended up looking generic with bad perspective woop woop :k

Wasn't able to do anywhere near as much much as I'd like to have - although I feel I learned a lot with what I did do.

tried working on this refless thingy again, my understanding of values-to-colour sucks, but I'll get there. A lot more to go on it, if I ever finish it :/

Slacked-off-toward-the-end still life study from liiiifee (need to stop half-assing my studies toward the end)

And daily selfie (I'm not vain I swear :/, just trying to understand shape and form more!)
so much wrong with it and this time not just the unlikelyness of it buuut other stuff too :D

NN daggers o/
1:23AM, I'd rather get up at 4AM any day than go to sleep late.

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
this is great amount of works ! I like the way you are experimenting and your foundations are very solid especially in your figure statue sketching. Bougereau's study is awesome..want to one but it looks so complex :'(.
I also like your selfportrait a lot because you tried different ways and change the angle. inspiring :).

florentK - hey, thank you man! :D haha that Bouguereau study was the first painting I ever actually finished 90% of (focus was on the anatomy & skin). It's difficult... but what you get out of it is so, so worth it! Before I started it - I didn't believe in myself or that I could do it; but I just kept telling myself: you've got this, just paint what you see. Lets keep studying! :>

studies from yesterday:

Read some Loomis (Figure Drawing fo..) + studied the basic form similar to the skeleton -

(then applied to imagination)

I really just want to draw, sketch, see the infinite range of tones and apply that to my drawings. There's something about the feeling of drawing on paper that I just can't find in other mediums, nor describe. Though there are still plenty more mediums out there

more eh from imagination - smudges kml

screwed this guys mouth up, hence unnecessary cowl + unfinished etc

Reviewing the Loomis studies from imag.., realised I need to learn perspective!
Bridgman studies

Aaand stuff from life - 5min self portraits
(it was so cold I had a blanket wrapped around my head - woo farbic studies sorta :P)

+ cat and lady (hard to read)

oh and some digi some from imagination, trying to apply colooourr.
first 2 ~ 1hr each
3rd was about 2-3 plainly because experiementation

and lol dat anatomy + pose... I don't even..
also should have considered texture more (e.g. pants-sword)

(I will break this habit, how long does it take to break a bad habit? 28 days? Bring it on <3)

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Quick update before bed c:
2 more SP's for the 1 day I missed + today's

Need to do portrait studies from life - I'm thinking on the train or something.

and wip sketch 10mins in

NN daggers o/

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Read a lot today, did a couple of studies (and a lot more wips - but yeah I really don't like posting wips. Makes me feel uninspired to finish them when I update my skb :P)...

Wish I could have done more, wrist cramps mm. :/

hip-down studies

from imagination, trying to apply what I studied etc

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Impressive amount of studies, keep killin it!

Forget about the beauty of the line itself and try to think volume and form for a bit ;)

iCi - hello :D thank you a bunch for your advice, I took it on board as soon as I saw it and I feel it helped a looot with my sketches! Cheeeers ^^
Finally back from a bunch of ridiculousness
from now on I really want to try my hardest to update my sketchbook daily
I've become sloppy
About three weeks ago I went to the Doc's about my hand, the reports showed symptoms of arthritis in the basal joint of my thumb. So I needed to back off arting for a bit.
During this 2 week "break" I read... a lot. But once I was cleared to draw again, it was on like Donkey Kong -- just with a slower, more careful approach, etc

anyway, for now I'm posting some of the digital work I've been able to do (need to scan in the stuff from my sketchbook tomorrow, there's quite a bit)

unfinished still life studies

3 quick imaginative blehs

self-portrait line drawing, unfinished

and a value study, 1hr

still being told to take it easy. though, it's hard when you're constantly surrounded by all these amazing artists!
but the worst thing of all: it feels like my efforts in the Art Camp are going to waste.
I need to fix that
(note: along with mindless study girl! Find a quiet room. SILENCE. You need silence... not friggin' Electric Six blasting from the other room :|)

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
good job!

I'd advise you to be a little more conscious of the tension in your grip especially when you are tired. relax your grip and use only the appropriate amount of force for the action. and stretch girl stretch!

and no! its not going to waste! you're training your stamina for observation even if the results don't look pretty,and good observation is like half of the work down.

keep practicin'!

anzhou - thanks again for the encouragement andrew! :)

sketchbook pages

*attack of the big heads again, in some when I'm not thinking, ugh, bad habit

*nood males + trying to apply what I learned

* faces from T.V

*life drawing last week (some felt like deja vu -.- though I built the longer poses by shading - no line work mm. I want to use charcoal for life drawing so badly!)

*trying to find myself, so pretty incoherent pages :D

*feet studies from life/atlas of human anat for the artist (- though mindless - wake up!)

-- after I understand form better - going to work on shading because my shading sucks.

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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