Nexuun's sketches
Sofa sketch & Eye studies looks great man. :)
Keep it up.

@Prabu: Thanks! I really enjoyed drawing the sofa.
More master studies; value and color
[Image: 1_by_ryanprovenzano-d6oqo7t.jpg]
Sketch, trying to apply those colors from imagination
[Image: seascape_by_ryanprovenzano-d6oqoev.jpg]

Looking good man! you should do more live studies! it helps to comprehend figure gesture, proportions and even perspective at the same time, if you do regularly! :) Keep posting, looking great so far

@Mignon: thanks Mignon :) You're right about my lacking of life studies. I will try to include them as soon as possible!
[Image: what_in_the_name_of_cactus___by_ryanprov...6ow3fw.jpg]
Basically today's work. More value studies and a color study. Color sketch from imagination once again.

Good studies! I like how you learn a color scheme, then make up something new with it right away!

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@Tygerson: Thanks! I think doing something right after creates a connection to the color. I think I'm doing too much beach/desert with ocean landscapes, though. I think I'll make a point to do a much different type of color scheme in my next few color studies.

Here's an apple I did a study of today, real life.
[Image: apples_still_life_by_ryanprovenzano-d6p0k2g.jpg]

Leaves still life from yesterday, about an hour. Quite enjoyable to mess around with the textures in this scenario
[Image: leaves_by_ryanprovenzano-d6p8u5y.jpg]
Stuff from a stream; gesture drawings, and analysis of Michael Hampton's gestures(where there's asymmetry and repetition). Quick sketch inspired after walking my dog.
[Image: stream_work_by_ryanprovenzano-d6p8t9n.jpg]

Here is a study I worked on today. Approx. 70 minutes, study of bed sheets and some clothes. I purposely picked fabrics with different local values so that I could try to re-produce them distinctly in my drawing. [Image: fabric_study_by_ryanprovenzano-d6pzws6.jpg]

Gesture-drawing from 5 days ago
[Image: gesture_drawing_by_ryanprovenzano-d6pzzk2.jpg]

hi there is me again just dropping by to give my advice you should pratice the hand for the moment there just way to big try to do as many as you can but when you start fix a number so you have a goal and keep pushing until the end and don't cut corner when it hard.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
15 2-min hand gestures using some resources I found on the forum. Still not quite sure what technique I want to use for the studies, as you can see I was sort of all over the place. And I will probably have to do some that are shorter, and I will also have to study more of the anatomy of the hand.
[Image: 34VnjDC.jpg]
Then sketches from imagination that involve hands so that I can challenge myself with situations where I need to maintain the proportion of the hand to the rest of the body. I should get more creative with this next time.
[Image: Wng4SlU.jpg]

This time I did 2-min as well as 1-min hand gestures after.
[Image: nrw7bk9l.jpg]
Vacuum cleaner from life
[Image: OKKddjhl.jpg]
sketchbook pages from recent(11x14, so they're a pain to upload since I have to stitch the scans)
[Image: 141Uk2Zl.jpg]
[Image: UiDUShDl.jpg]
[Image: YSjVf41l.jpg]
[Image: TX8pKb4l.jpg]

visit my sketchbook i am sure you will find new way to experiment the drawing of the hand.Good thing you apply what you study to the general proportion of the body.Also if you fail to do a hand pose don't just mark it with a X you don't want to give up make the same pose and try again.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
@darktiste: You're right. I'll make sure to re-do the poses next time :P
Finished up a self-portrait I was working on. Line exercises, and an illustration that I needed to do tonight. Critique on the composition, perhaps? Or anything really, it's up to you :P.
[Image: 3UnkDvsl.jpg]
[Image: YNgn2ybl.jpg]
[Image: 2bMDfRpl.jpg]

Not that much. Stuff from wednesday and thursday
[Image: S00qqTIl.jpg]
[Image: Y8oOfb7l.jpg]
[Image: Mpd0xY4l.jpg]

Lines, 30 sec gestures, and a concept thing. Gotta make my concept drawings better. Next time probably will have to try out a 3/4 view.
[Image: SEfFHW3.jpg?1]
[Image: ZxIKSfil.jpg]
[Image: aqAx9hMl.jpg]

Stuff from today, anatomy studies
[Image: rhY705X.jpg?1]
lines/circles [Image: rX6ULYNl.jpg]

YESSSS!! Ryan keep going man; maintain the momentum and be consistent! Nice studies, keep it up!

Great studies man, I'd say try and do more refined line drawings, practice cleaner lines and one thing about the concept drawing is the shoulder pads look like they're at a different angle to his actual arms? Try drawing some poses in perspective :)
@manny: thanks man, I will :p
@pugsloth: Thanks, I'll try. Here's something I did with cleaner lines. Thanks for pointing out the problem with the shoulder pads. I guess I didn't really think about how the angle of the arms affects the perspective of shoulder pads.

[Image: quUZenBl.jpg]
I spent too long on this. The lighting in this doesn't make any sense either.

[Image: dtKFMwZ.jpg]
Study portrait for expression, probably 4-5 hours or so


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