Bats Sketchbook
I'm wayyy lacking in fundamental skills, and are really only starting to get the hang of anatomy. I really love art regardless of my lack of skills.
I thought this may help keep me more motivated :3

I think I'm going to post old stuff to my more current stuff. Prepare for the worst!! hahaha.

Some old stuff first -

Feb 2012
[Image: tumblr_lyqsbdZyN91rnefqno1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_lzxeritm7y1rnefqno1_500.jpg]

I have no words for both of those.

Then for some reason - No art until November 2012. This was around when I was finally able to get a Tablet <3

I lied. This one is one of the first things I made with my tablet. It's from the last few days of October. It's supposed to be the The Willow Tree from CHAPPO's EPs. I made it in Bamboo Paper, and I love it still.
[Image: tumblr_mchfyoCXnS1r3e7beo1_500.png]

Now to November!!!!

An animal eye study done in purple in Bamboo Paper, because why not -[Image: tumblr_mcy5yqZapW1r3e7beo1_500.png]
Notes for a half-snake OC of mine named Soma -
[Image: tumblr_md9c1tb3MU1r3e7beo1_500.png]
Animal Ear Studies (A comic idea I'm working on has a lot of Anthro character which is why I was doing lots of animal studies. Plus they're hella fun) -
[Image: tumblr_mdd3k5VJIg1r3e7beo1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_mdd3k5VJIg1r3e7beo2_500.jpg]
Some bad fanart (like a true newbie artist) -
[Image: tumblr_mdr35jkkLc1rnefqno1_500.jpg]
Another OC Panya -
[Image: tumblr_me0rauAsWP1r3e7beo1_500.png]

This is where it get cray cray up in here - December 2012

[Image: tumblr_megw7ntOmB1r3e7beo1_500.png]
This is when I start a little project for myself of doing pictures all 13 books of Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events. These are ment to be mental placeholders until I can do them really justice. This one is for the The Vile Village and it's the Nevermore Tree.
[Image: tumblr_mejn0evutP1rnefqno1_500.png]
Other one I like!! This is a piranha girl, and I think she's adorbs even with major anatomy issues.
[Image: tumblr_memruag0t11rnefqno1_500.png]
I made up an octopus creature that grinds up sharks for its babies. Um Yeah. I don't know
[Image: tumblr_meq5yowOW21rnefqno1_500.png]
A outdated robot character, and a person who watches over it.
[Image: tumblr_meqw5wW4iz1rnefqno1_500.png]
I'm not sure if this makes this a NSFW sketchbook, but this starts my love affair with drawing noses.
[Image: tumblr_metlnwqJJr1rnefqno1_500.jpg]
A person based off a sturgeon. This is the one piece of art I hate with a deep passion.
[Image: tumblr_mf3br5QMJz1rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mf7mjdTeam1rnefqno1_500.png]
A poorly done Creeper from Minecraft I drew for a buddy.
[Image: tumblr_mff24n6rWL1rnefqno1_500.png]
Me drawing OCs again
[Image: tumblr_mfgq3tCqec1rnefqno2_1280.png]
A wip of a project I want to do. Alphonse Mucha inspired FRINGE fanart. Another one of the those placeholder things. Hahaha.
[Image: tumblr_mftwnoOfaZ1rnefqno1_500.png]

Alright Now for this month - I've really been trying hard to buckle down, and draw everyday. I have. I've also been doing more studies.

January 2013

A Self-Portrait. My first time trying with grayscale/Values. It shows.
[Image: tumblr_mfytcrlVU71rnefqno1_500.png]
I'm dumb.
[Image: tumblr_mfzgraHK3R1rnefqno1_r1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mg6rtpqWGQ1rnefqno1_500.png]
Another one for The Series of Unfortunate Events. This time for The Slippery Slope. This is a WIP.
[Image: tumblr_mgbs41d0vE1rnefqno1_500.png]
Noses. Again.
[Image: tumblr_mghbbqU4vA1rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mghqs6kXGs1rnefqno1_500.png]
Ugh. So Ugly.
[Image: tumblr_mgiz9qiWk01rnefqno1_500.png]
A goofy Monster. I don't know. I like it.
[Image: tumblr_mgjn1hWaRc1rnefqno1_500.png]

And From Today:
[Image: tumblr_mgmjvxbUgu1rnefqno1_500.png]

I'm not a 100% sure I've made a great deal of improvement, but I think I've made a small amount. I'm not too worried. I'm not going to give up. I'll get better with practice, and time.

I think I'll try to update this weekly. Lets see.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
Anatomy Practice stuff from the past few days.
[Image: tumblr_mgok1d6hqx1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mgqf80kJuy1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mgql0kGRo41rnefqno1_1280.png]

I'm going to have to be more mindful when I'm practicing to save things to put on here. I've doing a lot of not so good looking practice, and I tend to just erase the whole layer. I want to do some more stuff with painting too. I think I'm going to need to come up with a little schedule for myself.

I've been very high-spirited and motivated until today. I'm having a rather down day, and woke up feeling ill. I'm trying to push though the yuck, and keep drawing!!!
I wanna take a figure drawing class.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mgsi1tvrhU1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mgr4n8Qfkl1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mgs37fSUEK1rnefqno1_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
Some practice & A doodle -
[Image: tumblr_mgu1d3WE831rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mguc6e32ij1rnefqno1_500.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
This was so much fun.

Like I’m really starting to enjoy doing these little study things. Some of these are kinda duds, but most of them I like. I don’t think I got enough diversity though.
[Image: tumblr_mgwr3hpL8g1rnefqno1_1280.png]

Not sure what study stuff I'm going to do tomorrow. I think I may do some still life since I'll be away at my grandparents for the day.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
Hey there, welcome to the forums!

I see you're just starting, its nice to the see the enthusiasm! Practice a lot, everyday, and you will see results soon enough :D

I'd like to give you two tips to think about: when you're going to paint something, use the largest possible brush and resolve the shading with the least amount of brushtrokes possible. The more strokes you lay, the more unwanted and random texture you add to the piece. If this texture is NOT what you're aiming for, things can get messy.

Similar logic can be applied to lines: doing this small repeated lines on top of each other is called "hairy lines" and create the same unwanted texture effect. This can also be avoided by practicing doing long lines and solving your contours with the adequate amount of lines! It takes a little practice but the result is amazing. You can do a messy sketch in one layer to define all the forms and shapes, then clean up the sketch on a layer above, being economic about the lines.

I'll be checking for updates! Keep it up!

With your anatomy and figure studies you certainly look to be heading in the right direction.

Would like to see you have a go at doing several hand and feet studies, much like your mouth and ear drawings.

eeeeeee I just want to say thanks for the nice comments, and tips. I find them very encouraging!!! I do plan to do some hands & feet studies soon. :3
I've told to start drawing with my arm versus my wrist, and quit the 'chicken scratching'. Hahaha.

[Image: tumblr_mglje9Haa21rnefqno1_1280.png]
My first time trying to draw hands from reference. Or, drawing hands at all. Hah.

[Image: tumblr_mgld770O6X1rnefqno1_1280.png]
Some old practice.

[Image: tumblr_mh37phBCya1rnefqno1_500.png]
A mushroom I painted from reference.

[Image: tumblr_mgzzq7syp71rnefqno1_1280.png]
A face/head drawn from my imagination for fun.

I did THIS exercise from Vilppus Drawing Manual. I started reading it per suggestion by an anon critic on tumblr, and I've found it insightful. It's kinda of a hard read though. Dense, and kinda drab.
[Image: tumblr_mh3692vpiz1rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mh3692vpiz1rnefqno2_500.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
-sigh- Feeling ummotivated the past day or so, but I've kept up with my promise to draw/paint everyday. Been working on using my arm more too.

Here's some cruddy stuff from the past few days.
[Image: tumblr_mh6qb4vHFD1rnefqno1_1280.png]
A Honduran White Bat <3

[Image: tumblr_mh41i1OYNT1rnefqno1_1280.png]
Some feet for laughs. Colored badly. Hahaha.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
Did some (bad) studies of hands & feet!!! I'm going to do more of these since they're fun, and really challenging.
[Image: tumblr_mh9dglMLzp1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mh90bmkcI21rnefqno1_1280.png]

Finally getting back some of my motivation.


-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
A WIP & A little study I did -

[Image: tumblr_mhbfmavHRB1rnefqno1_1280.png]

I'm sure the pink and hearts make me look really unprofessional. Not that I am a professional. Hahaha.

[Image: tumblr_mhb1w7Oybi1rnefqno1_1280.png]

An OC of mine named Soma for a comic idea of mine called Amelia & Charlene.
This anatomy is shit. I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of time on this just to get annoyed, and have it left unfinished. I'd at least like to finish it even if it looks bad. I don't know why, but yea.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhcgck12lI1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhcvf0QWPk1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhd1w9aAnl1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhelonFIK01rnefqno1_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhgpwsMARO1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhij78S4hC1rnefqno1_500.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhivsd0PxU1rnefqno1_1280.png]
More head practice

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhmeb9YRO31rnefqno1_1280.png]
Just a doodle of a hedgehog I did for my friend Mik :3
It was really fun to do.

I think I need to spend some time doing some anatomy studies again soon.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
Some Anatomy practice. Some flaws, but I seem to be getting better.
[Image: tumblr_mhpn8aFyOE1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhnw9jEZYm1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhnva8Mk8D1rnefqno1_1280.png]

A Jellyfish I painted for fun -
[Image: tumblr_mhokkt3jA11rnefqno1_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhrfb1aZgX1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhrfb1aZgX1rnefqno2_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mhryniQsEU1rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhqdlavRoK1rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhxfxf2XC31rnefqno1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mhz8x8HT5z1rnefqno1_500.png]

Sometimes times I feel like I'm not actually improving at all. Gotta keep drawing.

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
[Image: tumblr_mi4upkD5eE1rnefqno2_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mi0wq6meYR1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mi2nu7nIa71rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mi6hhtvB5A1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mi2ypzAJpc1rnefqno1_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-
OOPS!!! I forgot to update my sketchbook for acouple of days now. I have been drawing everyday, and I have lots of stuff to post!!
I made a tumblrblog just for my art which is updated quicker then here. It's UuU

Here's a shitty valentine I made for laughs. I spent just a little bit of time on it.
[Image: tumblr_mi6njklj7l1rnefqno1_1280.png]
A god awful design -
[Image: tumblr_micg7sTVyM1rnefqno1_1280.png]
A note to myself after I fixed a old problem of mine -
[Image: tumblr_micmjcNsz11rnefqno1_1280.png]
Notes & Doodles from when I was watching Anatical Figure Drawing Class 1 with Michael Hampton.
[Image: tumblr_micnhw8gVg1rnefqno1_1280.jpg]
Some sort of critter
[Image: tumblr_mie64xomJa1s5h6i6o1_1280.png]
A WIP I'll never finish
[Image: tumblr_mifiyqSjmz1rnefqno1_1280.png]
Here are some other doodles
[Image: tumblr_mig7polrP31rnefqno3_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mig7polrP31rnefqno2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mig7polrP31rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_minmp1nXGd1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mihing3XSo1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mipan88FBF1rnefqno1_1280.png]

Here are some more studies I did -

A really bad dog one......
[Image: tumblr_minmk7uu2g1rnefqno1_1280.png]

And one from Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching Class 1 video -
[Image: tumblr_migasaYcEP1rnefqno1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_migasaYcEP1rnefqno2_1280.png]

I decided to try and draw NSFW art lol
[Image: tumblr_mie8c8xxao1s5h6i6o1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_mifk7iXTfn1s5h6i6o1_1280.png]

-Crocodile Deathroll of Happiness!!!-

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