Sprayah: dropping shit like a pigeon...
Hey Daggers!

This Is my first digital paint study in a while, first of many! Mostly I do flat vector cartooney stuff so Its a wee bit strange that I am hanging out with a bunch of concept artists. But I like to think that the more diverse a group is, the stronger it is and hopefully I will spot some different nit pickey things to the rest of you. At the moment I am working on a comics portfolio, so doing this film still study is abit of a vacation for me…

Its Ahnold in a wig as Conan, ripping into the big boss ( who is played by Andre the Giant in a ridiculous rubber suit) at the end of Conan the Destroyer. The reason I chose this subject is that I am doing a Conan cover as part of my portfolio so its actually been somewhat useful in terms of both understanding the character and musculature.

2 Hours
[Image: Sprayah_Conan_speedpaint_2Hours.jpg]

1 hour
[Image: Sprayah_Conan_speedpaint_1Hour.jpg]

I could probably clock in another 3 hours on this make is crispy, but duty calls...

The Ref...
[Image: Sprayah_Conan_speedpaint_ref.jpg]

Feel free to point out my flaws, I have plenty especially my piss poor rendering. Actually I feel unworthy to post my meagre efforts here, having taken the time over the last couple of days to go through most of your portfolios, I witnessed some true superstars in the making within this dagger shaped celestial cloud!

But in the end we are not in competition with eachother, only ourselves.

Bake it Greasy


PS: Do animated .gifs work in this? lets see:

My visual foray into the last american election...

Obamzilla Vs Mothcain
[Image: Mothra_McCain.gif]

hahaha. Well, I like where this is going.
Use high-res images from movies. You're limited to the low-res when you use them.
The skintones and stuff looks nice though.

it would be cool to do a whole series of those derp moments in movies. Love the attitude in your work. Keep it goin...
Okay, Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you tracing and color picking? If you are you should read this.

@ Gangstershit, Tracing no. If you have the reference side by side and the grid up there is no need to trace. Colour picker yes. Yeah I had read and agree totally with Dan's post but hes not really raging about the merits of colour sampling, tho that may be another debate worth having. Basically I should have done this in BnW because the colours swamped what I was trying to do which was learn about the expression and musculature…

Cheers for the feedback guys, I have more movie cheese in my pipeline...

Okay. I got ya. I do have to say the grid method is pretty valuable for scaling up or reproducing your own work for traditional stuff or murals. But if you want to learn to draw the human form, the grid is still going to be a crutch, because it's a shortcut that relies on a preexisting image just like tracing. Once again don't take this the wrong way, but you didn't draw this, you copied it. You may have closely observed the expression, musculature and color, but you didn't learn it. Not to say you didn't learn anything. Exploring an image is useful for getting started.


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