CA.ORG expats
You probably know me as Raoul Duke on CA. Or gangstershit on these forums or Kirk McCosker irl. It's been a while since I posted here, But it looks like I'm not going to be posting at a site we all know and love. All because one asshole is making us look dumb.

Anybody from CA please represent. What's your screen name and a link to your sb would be dope.
[Image: 35755613.jpg][Image: 35755797.jpg]
[Image: 35755345.jpg][Image: 35762031.jpg]

I hate moving but it had to be done. Here's my sb:
never commented to much on CA but still, it was an important place for me, full of resources and good artists. Even if joined just a couple of years ago.
Also, Jason Manley was kind of a inspiring figure for me, i still remember the awesome critique he gave me on my very early portfolio this last year. So, the Journal Brad posted hit me two times. :(
But life goes on, and i´m truly happy to be in this hard-work/motivation based forums.
A warm welcome to all of you, see you in the sketchbooks!

Yep, I'll make an account here. Given how CGHub's forums are a ghost town (for now) I'll try to be active here.
I had an old account on CA but my art was shitty, so I registered here under my new nickname. Hope to see the community thrive! :)
Yea guys you all are welcome. This forum is full of people who really want to become better artists and it have a good mood of work, we also have resources threads and alot stuff, check all of those and suggest whatever you guys think.
I had a sb on CA too but anyways ill just keep posting in here so lets make good works and strong sketchbooks!

Hey Psych. Siri here.

Still getting over that this all happened. Might need a stiff drink when the dust settles.
I'm not sure how i feel about this thread Raoul.

I don't enjoy promoting hate and hardship. Crimson Daggers was here for quite some time and it's a community based on study and self improvement.
When you present things this way, it can be misread easily and i'd want people to join this place for the right reasons not animosity towards JM or anyone else.
We're not the CA anti-hero and this community wasn't launched last night as i've mentioned before. With all apologies, i'm closing this for now, please let's not base this great place on bad feelings.

In all respects, i have to admit, i might be too troubled to deal with this all right now.
Best regards and enjoy your stay old friends,

as cris said, this site isnt about flaming or hating. theres plenty of people who still appreciate what jason did (for the record, im not one), but here you have to respect them regardless. i dont believe in censorship so i wont delete this thread, however, for future reference, dont post hateful memes about people in the community. you can talk about it on your stream, facebook, blog, etc- but we dont want it here.

thanks for understanding. we need to watch the climate closely here so these kind of things never happen to this community as well. <3

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