Absolutely sagely advice there friend, I shall keep it in mind and rush no more! I believe there's something to be said for limiting the time you spend on studies though, I think noodling at something until it's a perfect copy in every way can make you remember less of what you set out to gain from the study. Gotta find a balance of efficiency and thoroughness.

In any case was more trying to get at the fact that I'm spending too much time on a certain exercise, so there's not enough time for other things.

I want to be learning animation from richard william's books, and cinematography fundamentals and techniques, and improve my values and learn color theory and go over the scottrobbertson dvds to brush up on my perspective and learn french and reread my books on story and storyboarding and start writing original stuff and learn to read and write music and after affects and make examples for character commissions on DA and tumblr and build up a portfolio and maybe FA and maybe learn html AAAUUGHH TOO MUCH

So really, my worries are about time management, which is STUPID TO BE WORRYING ABOUT since I literally have all the time in the day to devote to myself. Unlike a lot of people here I don't have a job or a family to support, so not working hard on art every day and producing more work than most people here make is downright lazy and unacceptable. Yet even knowing how stupidly lucky I am to be in this position, I still waste time on the internet and nervous snacking. Hopefully after writing this the conviction will stick with me and I'll work harder tomorrow.

Aaaand on that note, here's a smattering of stuff from the last couple of days. I don't have much to show, just some character doodles and trying my hand at posing a character design from this awesome dude, and a few pen-and-ink master copies.
[Image: FW8hOdM.jpg] [Image: p9m0BUa.jpg] [Image: RGlnG2w.jpg] [Image: tNrDGKo.jpg][Image: wOHZv5S.jpg]
later bros, and sorry for the awkward whine-rant. I'll try and have more stuff to post tomorrow!

I love this. You rarely see cartoons like this arround here.

Plus homestuck and pokemon <3

Great progress man.

If you are having trouble working out what you should be focusing on, i think a good way to think about it is fundamentals first.

Say, everything you are studying rests on your knowledge of perspective, and because it is just a set of rules, once you get them down it should be pretty good to go. (not saying perspective is the thing to do it's just an example).

Keep it up!

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
>rognoll Ya cartoons ftw!!! And I don't recall posting any homestuck fanart how did you even? maybe my memory just sucks haha.

muzz> great advice! There's just so much different stuff I want to master the fundamentals of XD

Okaaay, went nuts with the gestures this morning and worked out my snazzy brush pen. If I made the mistake of drawing a single detail-type thing that wasn't essential to making a working gesture the whole pose became unclear and cluttered. Fantastic exercise![Image: QrjAhpo.jpg]
and a couple lasso studies
[Image: UbYUIYH.jpg][Image: bTRkr1o.jpg]
and a doodle of a random character
[Image: 3Pov54H.jpg]
and a couple figure studies out of the blue and some perspective stuff. Really oughta be practicing this kind of stuff more. [Image: pWZqJeM.jpg][Image: BpOTpD1.jpg]

didn;t get much done today I'm afraid :\
here's a quick armor study [Image: d2xWb3e.jpg]

finally finished that dodrio animation! I think it might be a good idea to offer looped gif commissions on DA and tumblr along with drawings and paintings
[Image: tumblr_mpw5wyu7Tu1rjgrozo1_1280.gif]

Quote:>rognoll Ya cartoons ftw!!! And I don't recall posting any homestuck fanart how did you even? maybe my memory just sucks haha.
Word. Yeah, you did! Right in the first page!

Aaaah, that's what I thought. Started this thing a long time ago @[email protected]

I haven't been doing as much personal work as I'd like recently mostly a lot of drawing from cool artists on the internet, but I don;t think those kinds of quick study-copies are worth showing. here's a quick statuette study to prove I'm still alive

Some sketches, studies, and the first character from imagination I've done in a billion years.

[Image: zZNPaLL.jpg][Image: 9WhOw1u.jpg][Image: 6FZJTfw.jpg][Image: rg8j2Vn.jpg][Image: 1NxbvO3.jpg][Image: jo5u0Cg.png][Image: pUYKSXc.jpg][Image: BVtRJrQ.jpg]

Some sketches for practicing graphic/logo design maybe, and some therapeutic powerpuff girl sketches. Didn't get too much done today, went to a birthday part :/

[Image: PLvNHFu.jpg][Image: QXqXOZQ.jpg][Image: WZvfSPq.jpg][Image: k1OK0y5.jpg][Image: X9E1Xsb.jpg][Image: IbIGMk1.png]

I remmeber in my old days I liked posting songs I've been listening to, think I'll start that up again :D

Hey man, I see you're keeping busy :-)

As for logo design, a good thing to keep in mind is that it has to read on the side of a building but also on a ballpoint pen. So simplify as much as you can.

As for storytelling, I found a blog that I think you'll like:

Take care

Thanks for the advice! I have a ton to learn about graphic design, in general hehe. appreciate the link too! I've been following this guy for months actually XD

today started perfectly! woke up early, exercised, got right to drawing, unplugged the internet, finished my warmups and did cartoon heads, and then just...stopped. I had no idea what to work on. Like I've sort of lost sight of my goals. And it's very frustrating and confusing and scary! I don't know what I want my art to look like, and I can't make something if I don't know what it's supposed to be!!!

I know I want to be a storyboard artist for TV animation. I think I want to go to Gobelins. Art is fun... but I have no clue what I enjoy drawing anymore and I have no ideas for things to draw. Where do ideas come from anyway!?! And I know I should be practicing and working really hard, but there's so much knowledge available that I don't know what to work on and I just wind up feeling lazy and beating myself up about it.

siiigh. here's some...stuff :/

[Image: ANRNQeU.jpg][Image: Y1JuRzT.jpg][Image: ktdeWoO.jpg][Image: SJMQWFB.jpg][Image: UUCC22D.jpg][Image: 7h63BrI.jpg]

Killin it man! this stuff is great! Love that last character development sheet.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Look at that seal roll :p

As for as knowing what to work on, maube you could make up your own story and sketch out some important scenes. If you`re not feeling inspired you could do an adaptation of like a fairy tale or well known movie. You could also take one character and try and work out all the problems, try and draw him jumping, sitting, sleeping, dancing,... From every angle.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Muzz! Doublething that is a really fantastic idea!! I will try harder to think of stuff from my own mind but ya I'll def give adaption shot

Here's some STUFF! There' snot much cuz I've been waking up way too late and not really getting to drawing since my schedule was messed up. IT SUCKS. Gonna start going to bed earlier, exercising a bit, and putting my alarm clock in the corner of my room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.
I made a neat board of reminders and post its with directives of what to work on, and a big part is drawing characters form imagination, I want to get good enough to offer commissions lickety split.
[Image: JguSpUU.jpg][Image: GzIDC1R.jpg][Image: 1InNby8.jpg][Image: DjpBQcC.png][Image: dejf1W1.jpg][Image: tumblr_mqgzse3pZI1rjgrozo1_1280.gif]


;D kinda late response but anyway. on the topic of colorstudy i recommend the following(just a tip)
Grab a photo, pick a certain point on the photo(in your head) and go to your colorwheel and try to pick the correct color, paint the a dot on the location you were looking at. It's a superfast way to learn how to see color correctly and this way it learned me about color relativity.

also I love the girl with the bass. kinda funny, a fender jaguar with a rickenbacker bass headstock ^^
Thanks for the suggestion! I think i remember hearing that exercise from a ctrl paint video, certainlyworth trying.

The girl's actually a character from FLCL, one of my favorite anime. I drew the bass from ref and was unaware that was a funny combination!! Makes me want to do some research on different guitar and bass parts.

couple sketches from a set of pictures on tumblr and drawing what I saw on anime. Today was rife with stupid distractions and I didn't follow the schedule I wanted to.
[Image: ietKsaC.jpg][Image: QX67i9t.jpg]
sigh. here's hoping I make something of tomorrow.

The Rickenbacker is only a funny version in your fanart because you didn't draw the body accurately :P. (that being said the damn guitar is not drawn consistently throughout the anime *shakes fist at animators*)

[Image: RICK-504003MID.jpg]

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
I didn't even know that was a real life guitar when I drew it! Just copied the anime model sheet without using my brain. or my search browser!

I've been talking and thinking a lot tonight about how you have to do your research and think behind what you draw. Gonna keep that in mind and research my junk. heavily from now on.

Not on that note, here's today's roundup. Nothing particularly boundary pushing or focused but I drew!! :/
[Image: psetehu.jpg][Image: llwFSeL.jpg][Image: TLiaPqj.jpg][Image: 07lHZKV.jpg][Image: utOLCR9.jpg]

Sup guys! Nothing much to report, here are some draws.

[Image: iH17eMi.png][Image: 9dYbwIM.jpg][Image: 8CBtav9.png][Image: 5Vaa9D7.png][Image: wpGz3dA.jpg][Image: P2Qeuru.png][Image: gclxnrJ.png][Image: Gt1lLcG.png]


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