I've been hanging in the Hangout, So thought i should sign up.

I'm a freelancer. Used to work at Halfbrick studios, and worked on some games there.

Trying to get past personal hangups and take my stuff past the next level.

I'm also a moderator over at the ancient polykarbonbbs forums, but it's not a terribly happening place anymore, and polycount isn't giving me the feedback i need to move forward.

So c'mon and help destroy my work with criticism and I'll fit in nice all round here and we can sit by the fire with marshmallows and bask i the heat of love and hugs.

Oh and blood and shit.

[Image: N0s53.jpg]

[Image: mAxSB.jpg]

[Image: 7oKOj.jpg]

[Image: yAwZU.jpg]

[Image: 2TIyE.jpg]

[Image: rBA6z.jpg]
Hey Murry, welcome to the daggers

Howdy Stranger!

[Image: vYjDn.jpg]

Redrew this, last version was shit lol.
Welcome! Love you work so far, can't wait to see more!

Feel free to contact or follow me in these places aswell!

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Cheers bro, some more sketchy stuff.

Mostly working on values here, but i really need to change up their facial expressions!


[Image: 12bzI.jpg]
Loving your work so far, would be cool to see some full body stuff eventually, mind if I ask what direction you want to go in? Concept art/Illustration that sort of thing? Also is your name a reference to the fact theres already Muzz around? :)

So i mentioned that i am a full time freelancer at the top.

I guess I'll outline my goals which might help people understand what i want to do.

I'm getting homesick for the old forum communities that used to be thriving. is dead in the water, it's been festering for sometime; My hometown forum Polykarbon which i still post at and am a mod at is cool to hangout but it's missing the ultra critical community it used to have. Polycount is cool but it's focus is on 3d.

I'm not a fan of the more gallery orientated systems and deviant art is a festering shit pile where some shiny beacons shine out.

I see a bit of life here so hopefully that turns out to be true,

I am currently a full time freelancer like i mentioned at the top of the thread which i have been doing for a year and a half since quitting my studio job. But my goals are more in line of turning myself into a one man game Dev studio, as I've been learning how to program on-top of my game studio experience doing game art, and also making music. (my hard drive is littered with thrown away game prototypes lol).

So the real goal is to try and ween myself off of freelance and get myself living sustainably and profitably off my own projects. I've got an asset pack that i started and was getting a ton of interest in which i should probably finish, and i have a bunch of other ideas that i want to work through and experiment with.

As far as full body stuff! half the stuff I've posted has been full body! Though if you mean studies then sure. I'm waiting on some friends to return my Bridgman and Vanderpoel books and I'll be doing some more studies there.

I'm also kinda obsessed with the idea of the Olden day PolyMath, and so far my experiences are that it's perfectly plausible to be a creative polymath if you work at it hard enough. Which may explain why i practice so many diverse things. (code,music,3d,2d,electronics,game design)

Oh and yeah the name was kinda a corny joke. It's the first time i couldn't get away with being Muzz on a forum haha.

TLDR: I have ridiculous goals so be super harsh and critique the hell out of me!
Sketchy bullcrap

[Image: dqTeA.jpg]
awesome stuff! keep it up! :D .. I don't know if I can give any critique yet, I still have much to learn myself
I agree with you on that there seems to maybe be something good that can happen here, is just nope and deviantart as well haha.
Thanks Bjork!

I'm really looking for stuff to work on, so if anything at all looks off call me out on it.

Blocking out colours on this model... Trying out a trial version of mari. Not too happy with it yet, i can probably save it.
[Image: cmfNUEI.png]
So i was trying to work out what areas are preventing me from reaching any resemblance of realism with my rendering from imagination.

I totally failed, but i pointed out so many areas to myself that i need to work on. Seriously guys i need you to be super harsh here. Thanks!

[Image: yjZAp4q.jpg]

I really should make a list of things that are out of my comfort zone and start pushing them:

Creature designs, aliens anything non human, dogs cats birds ect.
Full scenes
mechs and vehicle designs(how the fuck did that happen, a few years back i ONLY drew mechs)

Full cartoony characters (i do this for a living yet it's out of my cumfort zone...? fuck)

I have a lot of work to do :/
I should probably sleep at some point.

Testing the theory that i can't paint environments... Promising.

[Image: zjNty.jpg]
Hey man - Thanks for looking into my sketchbook. I'm sure you can tell I'm just getting started so I'm not comfortable giving crits.... but

If you are trying to get more realism. Think about your textures/materials. Looking at those portraits it looks like the cloths, the skin, lips, eyes and the hair have the same/similar texture. Does that seem legit or am I way off?
Cheers man, thats actually something i do need to work on a bunch! i fall into the habit of using the one type of brush, i varied it in that enviro but it's still rough.

Taught myself the basics of Zbrush in this sleep depraved but super productive state.
[Image: EzYY6.jpg]
Nice character, just remember that shadows should changed it hue to look more natural. If you use only darker version of local color it going to look muddy. With texturing same color principles still applies. I never used Mari but many other programs have projection to, for example Deep Paint even can export view to PS you draw there and import it on model.

You've got a promising start to a sketchbook going on here, you've got some nice stuff!

As far as crits, it's abit tough to give an indepth one at this point. Ive found that theres different kinds of crits, ones were you want an individual piece looking at to spot faults and the kind which points out overall weaknesses in your process. I'm guessing that your after the later but we'd probably need to see more work and stuff pushed further from you before giving a helpful crit which wasn't bullshit. You've got a large variety of work which feels inconsistant, in that nothing feels truely complete. So with that in mind, my recommendation would be to try pushing some stuff to total completion and seeing how you get on. You'll probably be able to spot the flaws your after straight away yourself, but if you don't then it'll be much easier for someone else to find them for you if you need.
On a technical point too, your portraits are looking pretty nice, i like how you handle the values, but the eyes feel abit off. They look abit flat and are abit wonky (something i struggle like crazy with myself :S)

Sorry i couldn't be of more help, just keep pushing those fundermentals and posting your work, i'll be sure to keep an eye out for you ;) Despite what i said above you've got some good skills and i look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Madzia, Thanks for the paintover i 100% agree. I'll work that into the texture!

About mari, it's essentially bodypaint3d with better support for mirrored uv's (like it's perfect), and with a sweet brush system. It only bakes down your brush strokes when you rotate the model.

Warburton, I'm not sure i agree with the sentiment that you need to take an image to full completion to critique it. I get what you mean though. For me i feel the best way to improvement is to take a piece to a level where i feel like i learnt as much as i can with the shortest amount of time i can. (note i don't mean to be lazy and rush work mind you).

But as far as finished stuff, you wouldn't consider the kickball piece, or the drawing in 4# complete? I guess most of the art that i love is "incomplete" i love pieces of drawings that are still rough, i fully understand that's not what everyone is about though, and i don't mean for it to be an excuse to not finish images.

And yes eyes! i suck at eyes.

Anyways, i feel like i reached a bit of a breakthrough in my approach to this, but the structure is fucked so i want to try and apply what i learnt to it to something without the structural problems. (that's the issue with deviating from your sketch uugh).

[Image: NgYxg.jpg]

Edit: according to a friend my skin tones are really off :/. I can't see it at all, probably because of my colour blindness. FUCK. :(

Ok today's challenge, try and put my skills to good use and make an actual story illustration instead of this uninspired bullshit.

[Image: LrOWQ.jpg]
Hi, Thanks for dropping by my thread. You have got some real nice stuff here. I like your style. I can't offer any crits, you're way further along than me. But I'm going to be keeping an eye on this thread :)

Looking forward to more.


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