Alejandro's sketchbook
Lots of hard work going on in here, keep up the hard work. Christian bale portrait looks great also.

Thanks @JonHop

Two more quick studies. I'm still experimenting with the smudge tool and I think I'm getting the hang on it.

[Image: 05-05-2013.jpg]

[Image: 05-06-2013.jpg]

hey dude, your last update show a lot of improvment ! But concerning the previous posts, i'd say that you focus on details ( wrinckles of the hands, details of abs, etc ) before having the solidity of the subject ! most of your painting lacks of contrast, and separation between light and shadow ! Anyway, keep it up !

Thanks @kikindaface (love your nickname BTW)

I have to say that most of the images on this sketchbook are quick daily sketches (all images with a date in a corner). That means that they were done in 20-45 minutes each (60-90 minutes the colored ones). As they are this quick I don't worry about the image as a whole and just focus on a part of the image. Sometimes I'm just worried about form ignoring values, other times I'm focused on the details of some part, and even on the technique or tool I'm using. I know I should try to do some studies trying to finish the images but I just don't have the time right now. So yes, those images have the problems that you said, but I am aware of it :)

And now, two more portraits:

[Image: 05-07-2013.jpg]

[Image: 05-08-2013.jpg]


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