FINALS! - Bloodsport 14 - BeastMasters
Heres everything I got. Had a blast doing it, and you all seemed to really step up your game so this was just a great experience for us all! Can't wait to start BS15!

[Image: BeastMaster_Lion_Form2.png]
[Image: BeastMaster_Lion_Form1.png]
[Image: BS14_Studies.png]

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Nice job everyone :)

[Image: bsstudies.png]

[Image: bloodsports14.png]

[Image: bloodsports14animal.png]

[Image: bloodsports14cardlayout.png]

A Witch who despised the society she lived in decided to separate herself from humanity. She went on a journey to capture a dragon baby in order to obtain a dragon hart, thus she was not strong enough to kill a fully grown dragon. By means of using black magic she replaced her own human hart with the dragons. She obtained the possibility to use a dragons power to the full potential thus she became a Beast Master...
[Image: Card-1-14.jpg]
[Image: Card-2-14.jpg]

Great work everyone, looking forward to seeing what you guys do for the next bloodsports :).

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Hey Beastmasters,

Here are my finals for Bloodsports 14: the Beastmasters! I had a blast!

It seems like we have all stepped up a notch this time, great work everyone!

I had to submit early as I was leaving my computer for a while, so you can check my finals posted yesterday in the the WIPS section to prove I haven’t broken the deadline curfew :-)

“To know fear is to face the WEREMANTIS!!!”

[Image: zp9n9lp.jpg]

[Image: hLjdMun.jpg]

[Image: JFC42Qf.jpg]

[Image: AvpABiZ.jpg]

Annnnd my sketches and studies as two images:

[Image: 0l1qPZL.jpg]

[Image: 9WjiPn3.jpg]


This was a great experience. :)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=19069]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=19266]

Here's mine:

Normal form:

[Image: bloodsports_14_normal_form_by_mateusrocha-d60jmg8.jpg]

Advanced form:

[Image: bloodsports_14_advanced_form_by_mateusrocha-d60jmmq.jpg]

And bloodsports 15 will be awesomeeee! :D

Arg, posted on the WIP page instead of here yesterday.
But thats what the timestamped dropbox email is for, I suppose, so no biggie, and I'll just duplicate my post from there...
Still wish I could have found time for more polishing (like everyone else, I'm sure) but I don't hate how it came out so I'm happy. XD
Question: What's worse than a pyromaniac alchemist?
Answer: A pyromaniac Fire Salamander.

My finals:
[Image: 679865e9-2f17-4b23-8449-7b76a935e7ba.jpg][Image: 4bb6ef7d-2cf3-4449-9f0c-20b54dd2301d.jpg]
My WIP stuff:
[Image: brainstorming.png]
[Image: Wyvernorsalamander.png]
[Image: SalamanderReference.png]
[Image: SalamanderBeastformpart3PresenatableVersion.png]
[Image: RevisionsPart3.png]
[Image: workingonfinalforbeastform.png]
[Image: workingonfinalforhumanform.png]

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My webcomic
Here are my submitted images. The requirement for 2 completed images was a lot for me. Limited studies and the beast really suffered.

Fantastic work guys! 2 weeks went by pretty quick, here's what i managed

[Image: gargoyle_by_michael_jones-d60t8ay.jpg]

[Image: gargoyle_knight_by_michael_jones-d60rtbx.jpg]

Straight onto the next one

Uhmmm isnt there supposed to be just finals here? -.- kinda anoyying to have to look over what already was posted on the wip section..

I hope I'm still on time.

[Image: bloodsports14entryjulia.jpg]
Forgot to post these. Here you go guys:

This was awesome:D Good luck for everyone!

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This is my first time participating in a Bloodsport challenge. I didn't make the deadline, but I still wanted to participate and work up something for my portfolio. I explain my design on my blog, you can find the post HERE.


Reference (except for some environment photos I never saved from the internet, also I'm not showing people the photos of me posing in my underwear, sorry lol):
[Image: bm_ref_by_flammableperson-d63lsx3.png]
[Image: BM1.jpg]
[Image: BM2.jpg]
[Image: BM3.jpg]
[Image: BM4.jpg]
[Image: BM5.jpg]


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