Karnich's Sketchbook
I think it's time to open a sketchbook, I will try to post only things that I think are presentable enough and that is a rare thing yet, but with time there will be more. Feel free to crit me as harsh as you can, I won't be offended.

As a start here are some assignments I did for both the portrait class and Sickbrush's:

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But let's keep it international. I saw your introduction post and it looks like we are in a very similar situation so I just wanted to wish you a good luck. I'll be following this sketchbook, so I hope you will update it when you can. Solid work with the skulls, by the way. Keep it up. Успех! Thumbs_up
Really good stuff! Nice to see you finally creating a sketchbook! Keep it up.

Some ugly quick sketches a study and an assignment:

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A little update with another assignment:

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Hi guys!
It's been a while since I work on my diploma at the moment, the last thing that's keeping me busy. Here are some about a month old sketches, since then I primarily work in pencil on human anatomy, but soon I will post some digital studies on the subject.
Not long ago I understood what design really means, so I will try to improve in that and hopefully I will be able to post some more interesting things.


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