JWedding's Sketchbook
Pen sketch
[Image: 732f6225a343d81675664e3c4d3ce2b7.jpg]

Pencil sketches
[Image: 1a99aec703e40815a0d84b51d229d612.jpg]

[Image: 2658b232631f4a30ca1b2d54d6817e42.jpg]

Digital sketches
[Image: Schermafbeelding%25202010-12-21%2520om%252017.05.57.png]

[Image: 807835090f66ea262b59c35f78213fa7.jpg]

[Image: _JordyWedding-RetrogirlClose1.jpg]

Got lots to learn, and growing to do in this era of 'digital' sketching.

I remember my first problem with digitally drawing was the simple fact that I wasn't looking at the pencil, which would give a direct result. instead I had to look at the screen to see the result.

It was a bit weird at the beginning, but I'm getting used to my Intuos.
I was toying with the thought of entering the Bloodsport Challenge, and I will do what I can.
Problem is this week is the first at my new job, so I'm quite packed. :(

Anyway, the Miyazaki movie I chose is Spirited Away.
And what we've got here is a study that's gotten out of hand.

[Image: Screenshot2012-01-30at230645.png]

I chose the Boilerman as a character I wanted to put in the comp and figured that Ghandi's head would be a good basis.

That's what it was, Ghandi's head...now, 1 hour later, I couldn't contain myself.
But still wanted to show you guys lol

cool stuff man, keep at it

Well, didn't get any process with Bloodsports...at all!
I'm so pissed at myself right now.

I actually got no excuse, or want to use one.
The challenge totally slipped my agenda, so below is all I got and probably will have.

Didn't really get to studies or anything...just gotta get used to homework again I guess.

[Image: spirited.jpg]

Sorry guys :(
Finally a new entry.

This piece is inspired by the series 'Deadliest Catch'.
It's part of a bigger project I'm working on.

Will update soon :)
Still need to do some rendering though..any suggestions are welcome

[Image: JordyWedding-DeadliestCatch.jpg]
Some more rendering:

[Image: JordyWedding-DeadliestCatch-1.jpg]

Tell me what you think ;)

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