Hello everyone
Hello, my name is Maria but everyone calls me kitten. I'm still a high school student but I send as much time as I can trying to improve my art. I wish someday to be able to become an architect or a concept artist/designer in the entertainment industry. I'm really chill and I truly appreciate critiques so if something looks off, please let me know, I have thick skin and am trying to learn so any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know where else to comment this but I find it quite funny.... I just realized I'd activated the camera instead of the screen capture and accidentally livestreamed a window for 2 hours XD
Lol - i think i like you already as you can make fun of yourself! :) Welcome and i wish you a great career ahead.

Hey Kittenile, glad you decided to join us,
Welcome on Crimson Daggers and hope you will have lots of fun and time to study.
Just keep up with hard work and I'm sure your wish will come true ^^


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