dc comics announces new logo
Just my opinion, but this logo is pretty disloyal to the brand, most of the redesigns had been pretty consistent until now. Sure it it would be a nice logo for a bank, but dude these are comics, the logos should be fun. They did hire some yuppie scum bag firm to design it, so what do you expect.
[Image: DC_Comics_Logo_History.jpg]

It's a pretty shitty logo. Lacks impact imo. The current one infinitely better.

I prefer the '76 - maybe because that's what I grew up on... although I was never a huge DC fan. Still, that was their best logo by far.

This new one looks like it could be for any random company on earth. Possibly tech (like they produce processors for Dan Luvisi's computers or something).
[Image: rome_thumbs_down.jpg]

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I don't want to live anymore... Damn you DC comics -_-

I wonder why they didn't go with a graphic designer from within the industry like tom muller.

That logo from '76 did hold up forever. I think the '05 logo worked for being a slick take on the classic logo.

Don`t like the new logo looks kinda like something you would find in an basic illustrator tutorial...

I am a fan of the old 1976 logo it had this ageless look to it!

Kinda stupid changing logos :/

It's a great logo... For a sticker company, comics... Notsomuch. Motherfucking suits are running riot over there with the "creative" ideas... Watchmen perquils have been greenlit....


Relevant and funny

I'm not a fan of the watchmen but I think a prequel would be great, just for the sake of pissing off Alan Moore.

That is a terrible, terrible logo.


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