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hey guys hope everyone is going well:)

I'm trying to improve my work.I've done Hyperrealisms portraits over the years but it seems that for me is not satisfying enough and would like honestly train my mind to create stuff from imagination.I know the process is not easy.I'm sincerely willing to put 3 years into this till I can freelance full time but I do believe I can make that happen sooner than I think.I do believe I have decent technical skills to reach this goal although it takes more than technical skills.I work about 20 hours a week so that I can focus on studying my craft and its been a couple of years but during those years I've also freelanced for music composition for independent games.Over 300 tracks created since 2006.

I sincerely want honest opinions and criticisms over my work and hope to improve on your suggestions.I'm very dedicated for work...

I will do my best to update this sketchbook everyday...

you can also follow me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/skrob.art

stuff of studies and life drawings...

speed paint from references

40 min
40 min
1 h
40 min
1 h
1 h

6 hours first ever portrait in ps

total of 12 hours for this work.

about 14 hours into this.I tried to use a lot of refs pics to simulate realisms.learned a lot.I've always told myself never use any references for drawing from imagination because it feels like I'm cheating for some reason, specially when I've heard frank frazetta painted from imagination only.I recently saw Dan Luvisi livestream and learned a lot from is livestream on how he does is work.

I do believe I'm lacking from my imagination and was told this by some guy and would like to improve this mind of mine but not too sure what to do.

stuff made from imagination

still from outside great day for that actually.

random guy from imagination pencil
guy from mag 1 h
goofing around with faces lol almost look like beavis and butthead
orc type of caricature thing.I do like doing those

fulgore quick 30 min rough
30 min rough

landscape from refs 30 min to 1 hours

stuff made by me

still life

studies posemaniac 30 sec and some hands and more.

legs studies

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didnt do much today simply because we had a comic on in moncton newbrunswick and sold some stuff.was right awesome actually and was the first time this place did something like this and we had Nick Bradshaw marvel artist for The x-men issues.great guy!

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Hello Andre,
I'm glad to be first one to comment on your sketchbook.
I see that you posted a looot of works already,and I really like how you are doing some basics and pushing yourself further to do some things from your imagination. Keep up with anatomy studies and more traditional work to get your hand working. Photo studies are looking really well and you are starting to learn color values. Do more black and white photo studies and portraits to get to that part even better.
Just keep up with this hard work and I'm sure that soon you will be able to do anything you want.
And remember- Have a lot of fun :)
Welcome to Crimson Daggers.

Thanks a lot toxicpanda for your comment.btw what did you mean by "more traditional work to get your hand working" you mean gestures?sorry if I miss understood lol.I do need to get a much better dynamic poses skills.
I also did some Riven Pheonix anatomy training which helped a lot and finish everything but do I keep going through with the course again to keep my mind fresh over anatomy.
what did you study for your anatomy and what helped you to get better at anatomy.also did you follow any routine or setup of some sort for studying so that you constantly increase your skills.

bunch of stuff for today.

more stuff

about 6 hours.Dead pool by me but almost has this iron man type thing lol or cyborg Dead Pool!

I really enjoyed doing this.everything done by me and using refers to guide me through and learning at the same time.I'm getting better with composition and portrait layout and also how color reacts to each other.This piece as some great potential to go further in details but for now this is great.


Been a while since I've posted anything in this sketchbook but I'm always doing studies as usual.

my recent finished work.The actual size is 6000 x 5000 pixels and has more details.


wip 's

close ups

any critics or suggestions would be really appreciated.I've learn a lot from this work and had some fun with it and planning for more:)


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