The Blood Sports Challenges challenge...!!!
Hi there!
For now it's me and SpectreX and who ever wants to join us...

As you see by the title, we'll be doing the Blood Sports challenges.
(Its always hard to think about things to study and what to illustrate)
But what better to do is use topics already created.

(Anybody that's new is welcome to join us.)(this might talk a year or 2, haha)

So what are the goals.
-First things first, START at Bloodsports Number 1!!!
-Do 3 separate illustrations with the theme (except for BS 12, that's 3+ anyway).
-Do studies for each piece.
-Try to vary as much with each piece to get a wide spectrum of studies
and use a different color palette or tone for each piece.

-If the illustration has human figures in them, there must be at least 1 female and
male out of the 3 pieces, just to make sure we get practice with both genders and it
be pretty bad if you only have male characters in your portfolio.

-We will still want to compete in current Bloodsports, so when there is a new BS, do the one
to at least enter and then rules are rules, do 2 extra illustration, before you can go back
and keep doing the old BS challenges.

-Challenges like wind walker and spirited away, maybe we can do the challenge and choose another game and anime movie's cover to redo and do it good. ( So there is still at least some freedom and we can still make our own rules and stuff, or even share ideas and we can do the same themes.)

-We are here to improve and create strong portfolio pieces and like Dan and Dave said, these challenges were created as industry jobs, so by doing them can only help and prepare us for the future.

We both have pretty hectic lives where we don't have too much time, but we will try to update at least once a week.

Thanks for reading.
Wish us luck!

Here are some studies I'm busy with just to show some progress for now, hopefully I can finish these studies and start on the actual pieces and will probably discover some more studies that I will need to do, whatever I should do to learn more and more.

So I wanted to do something different kind of, and as I said in my goals, I want 3 different color pallets and settings to get as much practice as possible.

So what am I going to do:
- Girl hanging from tree with sloth pet on back in forest green scene.
- Man riding a polar bear with bow in a snowy mountain scene.
- Man diver with scifi pet jelly fish in an under water scene.

Attached Files Image(s)

Finished the studies, got a bit lazy at the end, I will admit, just really want to start working on the 3 pieces, haha. So hopefully I can show a lot of progress by the end of the week. Enjoy!

Great guys Keep it up :p

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu

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As an extra challenge to myself I'm also going to try and do all my traditionals in color through PS.
Will be a good practice ^^
Here is some sketches I did this morning, just developing the images slowly but getting there.

Here is just a quick update!
Quickly did the BG's first and now I will bring in the figures and start to have some fun or have nightmares, we will see, haha. Wish me luck.

Hi just finished one of the pieces.
Hopefully I can get the other 2 done by end of next week.

Urg, did not really like how this one came out, the lighting situation was terrible haha. But I stuck it out and just finished it, was probably good practice over all. Now on to number 3, hope that one goes well.

I reworked the image a bit making it lighter and not so dark, and changed the hair, feel much better about the image now at least. So so...

And it's done! Completed the first 3 illustrations for bloodsports 1: sci-fi hunter with pet.
I did way less than I should have done like concept sketching and stuff like that, with the next Blood sports challenge, Swamp elder, I will definitely do more and I'm also going to do thing a little bit different than just sticking to normal nature stuff, again I will probably think of 3 totally different directions to take the illustrations, just to explore more environments, color pallets and textures to get as much practice and improvement out of them. And a lot more studies and I really have to work on my faces, so a lot of portrait studies on top of everything as well.

To paint a jellyfish is much harder than you would think, I must say, if it looks crap, I'm sorry, I will definitely stay away from jellyfish in the future with mind controlling devices inside of them.

Some back story: When hunting large sea monster of the deep, and implanting a device to take control of their brain and movements for the governments bidding. You first have to capture a pet that can move slowly and unseen through the depths and get in close for the hunter to apply his mind control device.

So here is the last piece.

Attached Files Image(s)

Great job!

Really good idea to lighten up the sloth version! Gives a better feel for it.
I already saw that it was mentioned that the ice-bear is a bit off anatomically. I also think the blood is a bit too reddish?
As for the last one, I think the bubbles coming out of the helmet are a bit too white, in real life they usually are different. Also I think the jellyfish isn't translucent enough.

Just my 2 cents, don't mean to offend :)
Have been really busy with a job I got and very busy with my day job lately, but that's no excuse! At least I'm back in action and pumped. Here is just a piece I've been working on for like forever. Hope you like it, really ready to pump out the paintings, and studies and improve as quick as possible. Comments and crits are welcome, although, I'm not really happy with the piece myself, but ow well, its kind of finished, and now I can move on, hehe. Peace!!!!


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