Eli's sketchbook
Hello Daggers,
I’m Angelika from Germany and I finally convinced myself to start my own sketchbook here on Crimson Daggers. I started painting digitally in February...so here is the stuff I’ve been practicing since then.
(I want to apply for art school in November…therefore I’m practicing fundamentals all day - so most of the stuff I post will be studies.)

Portraits from imagination:
[Image: xDUhnEf.jpg]
[Image: 2E4gMcI.jpg]
[Image: pvaOzwW.jpg]
[Image: o5F3wF2.jpg]
[Image: npWiMdm.jpg]
[Image: pBEckXq.jpg]

and some studies:
[Image: 0BgYUsV.jpg]
[Image: xi3ZgtP.jpg]<- used a photo for the background, just because I don't know how to paint beautiful skyscrapers :>
[Image: 94d0VrQ.jpg]
[Image: ZwAHotN.jpg]
[Image: r8g4Bjw.jpg]
[Image: 1lZS39f.jpg]<- 2h speedpaint study
[Image: DeZDusq.jpg]
[Image: pDm2b2I.jpg]
[Image: 68Kp4KW.jpg]
Hello Eli, welcome to the forum! Great start to your sketchbook. Your imagination portraits look good and your studies are well rendered, maybe push a bit more sharper edges around the eyes,nose and lips.
Keep posting :).

Really like the choice of expressions on the last several portraits. The cup of water and flowers is serenely lovely as well.

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Thank you :)

I'm trying to get more into colors atm...therefore these portraits are not much rendered.
(used references-photos or paintings by other artists)

[Image: RTxhssb.jpg]
[Image: SMnXbFj.jpg]
[Image: Fibv8Mp.jpg]
[Image: Pi6JsUa.jpg]
Really dillegent work dude! Keep up this pace and you'll go far!

You are really great at copying from reference, that's awesome. I would really love to see you branch out just from heads in your creative work, as it seems like you have yourself dug into a niche here!

It's a bit hard to give you crits with this work as it seems like you have shown only the work that you are really good at?

Ps, all the eyes on the imagination portraits are the same shape.

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Sketch Book

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