WDC 1: Boada (Finished work thread)
Here is the final thing. Pls only post the finished stuff in here :)

Planet Name: Boada
Age: 700M Years
Topology: Continental (several landmasses)
Environment: Mountainous, Rocky, Desert
Civilization Tech level: Near Future
Cultural type: Celtic, Modern,
Creature Consciousness: rare sentience

Description: A relatively young planet, balanced evenly with the deep blue ocean and rocky, barren mountains. Tough, arid plant and animal life scour the world for food and shelter. Huge mountains scatter across the landscape, creating patches of grassland in valleys between massive scorched deserts. A thriving civilization has survived and flourished among the harsh environments, bonding with the wildlife and the scarce but always present power of the natural world. Their technology surpasses that seen of earth, but only just....will it continue to do so remains to be seen.


4 enviroments
3 characters
4 creatures
2 vehicles
10 - 20 props including architecture, weapons etc
Plant life and storyboards = bonus

Thanks Yololex for making the challenge, really had a blast doing this!
I think overall I kinda failed to follow the briefing but yeah.. it was fun (;


[Image: sdjb.jpg]


[Image: yxgf.jpg]

[Image: qxyu.jpg]


[Image: 0ayo.jpg]

Characters (meh)

[Image: 4zyh.jpg]


[Image: dnnd.jpg]
Yes Jarkuzy...Yes! This is the way to do it, nailed or not. Maybe next time have the themes or ref in the forefront of your mind or screen somewhere as you design...if you didn't?

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didnt manage to finish but had shedloads of fun. :) cant wait for the next one, I had really bad time management on this one, lol but i think i did ok. Next time i will use values more there wasnt any TIME.

also avoid some shaky design choices.

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With your line quality mate, yolo....I'm expecting to see some heavy comic shit out of you dude in the future. Seriously these are great...have you considered doing comic stuff? If not you should. Also the designs are terrific. Not celtic so much, but who cares, they are really cool

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thnx mnky it was really hard trying to incorporate celtic style without being obvious also they arent finished there was some extra stuff to go on heh. yea i mean im not sure if id want to go into comics but i love the way that graphic novels can help improve visual storytelling :) ill prob try and do a few stories just for practice.

Yep, the first round of concepts that come out are always really cheesy obvious variants when doing a specific culture ref....really hard to be original without just being a blatant steal. .that's why these week long challenges will be really hard to nail. Love seeing what you guys come up with though!

Of all the sketch books I've seen on here, your line weights and slightly wavery qualitynare pretty unique, so it's something to consider developing whichever way you go. I could easily see myself buying a book filled with this kind of design aesthetic and style. Keep it pumping! :)

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thnx! very much appreciated haha I will keep that in mind for the future definetly, there are many stories that im trying to tell just dont have the skills for it yet...

Well I think you are a natural designer.....I am crap and struggle at it, but I think I can tell a story and do enviros with relative ease....so play up to your strengths as well as focusing on attacking your weaknesses..

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