Zombie's Book of Sketches
Thank you! My lighting studies were done with either charcoal, pastel, or pencil. :)

I did a still life of my old violin today with oil paints today.
[Image: 4549E7B1-3C2F-49BC-994F-431574B1D19A_zpsp2d7la9r.jpg]

A drawing of Buttercup from the PPG. I need to adjust the green light, the values aren't as bright as I thought they were. And the facial anatomy is a little whack.

[Image: ppg5wip_zps172f2ca2.png]

Yo! Really impressed with those still life line drawings on page 2, your still life stuff in general is pretty nice. I think you'll definitely benefit from more construction study, especially for heads. Keep it up!

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Hey thanks, man! I'll definitely try more construction studies, I know I could benefit from them.

Practiced drawing some horses yesterday and today. When in doubt, draw one hundred.

[Image: 2013-05-13copy_zpsdcd193a4.png]

[Image: B2AB2BB4-A07D-4979-97BF-EA2DF495C12F_zpsax0vfiva.jpg]

[Image: 9845B85A-5C3C-476C-8C1A-AAB17D352D01_zpsvcwchvtu.jpg]

And an update on the PPG painting.

[Image: ppg5wip2_zpsd5f40838.png]

Practiced some body and head construction this morning.
[Image: 4C6F37B0-8A01-4853-9031-C40F2A73A83B_zpsw41zbtf4.jpg]

[Image: 31E7D5D6-9E06-42B5-A5E2-9033533F5AED_zpspgwrkyol.jpg]

And then did a virtual plein air study, about 45 min-1h.
[Image: 2014-05-22copy_zps632b39ce.png]

All right, I'm back from my long weekend. Went on a beautiful camping trip. Sketched some of the river that was there, and also drew a tree mage that I'm hoping to paint later.

[Image: D5F388B9-B494-4433-971B-01BB23FD0EF4_zpscgvnyujw.jpg]

[Image: 13E0C67B-872E-46A4-939F-59E76293E52D_zpsofgwiqxa.jpg]

[Image: AC6E5FD0-E654-463B-A468-54CEE7D02F2D_zpso0v7gufa.jpg]

[Image: 01960A07-6754-475A-BC80-29B883509A2B_zpsgxilghhm.jpg]

[Image: 2014-05-26copy_zpsa0c89e48.png]
Did a quick head drawing last night, trying to focus on the planes and shading with the planes of the face.

And some gestures.
[Image: A30B9855-3BE5-4C71-AA95-D7907AFBA92D_zpst4vvt0kl.jpg]

[Image: 4B2C9CD3-9017-48A0-A5D6-3841482B40D1_zpscrljghzt.jpg]

[Image: BA75862D-F8A2-435A-9AB3-C5A35303BFC4_zpsczyyfyhi.jpg]

[Image: 1D22B272-A05E-4379-8EC9-AFB389292146_zpsgihllhlz.jpg]

Some portraits I tried today. Focusing on color and brush control.

[Image: 2014-05-27copy_zps94dd6f21.png]

[Image: 2014-05-272copy_zps66753f7c.png]

Hey, thanks for dropping by on my sketchbook! Now on to your art!

I have to agree that the blind contour sketches you did a while ago are a really strong work. It looks amazing! The lines there are really loose and thin, in contrast with your usual lines which look much more forced. When you draw, try not to press too hard on your paper, or shape your lines over and over. What I do what helps for this, is to work with ballpoint (or ink, that works too). You can try it as well, use it when you doodle or are drawing gestures. It forces you to construct with as little lines as possible, every line definite, and makes you really think how to use your lines.

It's good you started working on construction, I see improvement! You might want to do more value studies. Try lots of monochrome studies, maybe just simple objects such as sphere, egg, cube... Just to understand volume. And how shape influences light, sometimes i see parts of drawings are flat while other parts are really nice and voluminous.

Keep it up!
beautiful job on the horses studies!! I would try to practice more heads and portraits, i know you are already doing that, but try to learn each part separate from the head, i dont know, maybe doing a lot of noses, mouths, eyes (structures) would help you a lot :)

love the gestures <3

Eve- Thanks for the comment! I agree that I could focus on lines and value. I've struggled with good lines a lot, but I haven't worked on it as much as I wish I had.

Rosolino- Thanks! I'd like to work on horses and portraits more, so I shall. <3

Yesterday, I drew a portrait of Princess Bubblegum from imagination:
[Image: 2014-05-28copy_zpsa294afa3.png]

And today I did this figure painting from ref:
[Image: 2014-05-29copy_zpsa06b453f.png]

Hey, just wanted to say that keep tackling and working to become better artist.

Also some resources, the first link leads to a site that asks you to type email so it could send free toturial to your email every day, Im currently on the sixth lesson on and have had great help.
2nd link is basically like loomis, but explained better.


Try doing the eyes last in your people, or, in the case of figure studies, don't put the eyes in at all! It'll help you focus more on the overall form and emotion of the face and pose. Then, as the cherry on top of the Sundae, you put in the eyes towards the end of the painting process. You gotta try it!

^what they are saying :) Also, I always recommend it and you may already have it, but Richard Schmid's book is so so so helpful when it comes to understanding the basics of color, value and drawing, and how they relate. It looks like you may be in art school (?), but I would still say it's a great idea to get that book and to take serious notes while reading it. It'll make sense of a lot of questions that may be running through your head, so give it a shot! Aside from that, just keep doing those studies, and really focusing on what it is you are drawing. Looks like you are doing that with the head construction studies, so keep going with those and don't stop!

Lovely colors! I didn't really read the other comments, so I'll keep my advice simple - Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy.

Keep at it!! :)

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Cracked- Woah, man, thanks for the links! I actually have seen that first one, but once I saw it asking for an email I just wrote it off as something I needed to pay for. But I guess I was wrong. I've done the first two lessons and they're great so far. Thanks so much!

Meat- That definitely makes sense, and I admit it something I don't do. I'll try it, thanks!

pnate- Thanks, dude, I've never heard of that book. I was able to find a download of it and I shall be studying it and referring to it.

Orthrandir- Thanks so much! I will. ;)

I have some anatomy studies from this past weekend:
[Image: 57F17A65-7C8C-42EF-91A5-628DF73AAF43_zpsruqy1vmr.jpg]

[Image: 73219DD7-B15E-42CA-9705-B6874C23399F_zpsf64z7xzu.jpg]

[Image: 85E365E6-272F-4B14-8638-B68E4C64AEFF_zps8nkdfn3c.jpg]

[Image: 37D47B0D-60F2-4F4D-A1E1-D28547FE7FBB_zpsc9ok9po3.jpg]

[Image: BD0DF9FA-E74E-4C90-AF6A-5E5A477C9AFC_zpsxl9wqii5.jpg]

[Image: 08B7E8CC-6AE3-4ED3-925E-912923233977_zps9nmnwfh7.jpg]

[Image: 6EBBA95B-3805-488F-B509-A26F72B67865_zpsredbidar.jpg]

[Image: EFBFFF9C-F956-4FD6-B23C-4B7EE8A54158_zps7dvivxan.jpg]

[Image: 29BD5B6B-0FBA-4BED-B04B-A7456E2D0F77_zpsgp4nn7ea.jpg]

Some more anatomy studies.

[Image: C91CDB8F-579D-4AF9-90EE-E752FC3F8424_zps9kwokb5i.jpg]

[Image: 868815DB-1C05-455C-9E67-4BFBAECD6A4F_zpsvdolzotm.jpg]

[Image: 32A60299-8C4E-4DB4-AFA9-C897B5BE3E41_zpsijcdt7x4.jpg]

And a portrait that I'm feeling blahhh about. I have an idea for a portrait series where each portrait is based off of a Florence + the Machine song. This is Kiss With a Fist.

[Image: kiss_with_a_fist_by_timeandrelativedis-d7l1oic.png]

Another F+tM portrait! Based on Bedroom Hymns this time.

[Image: bedroom_hymns_by_timeandrelativedis-d7l64jt.png]

Another portrait, but with less blending and a different emphasis on my brushstrokes. I'd say it's fairly successful.

[Image: 2014-06-08copy_zps634d4a42.png]
From ref.

And another! This time from imagination, of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. I'm definitely digging this impressionistic painting style.

[Image: 2014-06-082copy_zps1ecebd4c.png]


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