Zombie's Book of Sketches
Okay soooo... first post? Thought doing my sketchbook as my first post would be appropriate.

I'm 17, going to major in Studio Arts in a small liberal arts school this coming fall and I'm suuuper excited. This summer I'm really buckling down and practicing a lot soo yeah... Here we go.

[Image: 2013_06_10_by_timeandrelativedis-d6bhick.png]
Ref from the Humans of New York blog.

[Image: violin_still_life_by_timeandrelativedis-d6bhij8.jpg]
Oil painting

[Image: what_kind_of_bird_are_you__by_timeandrel...6bhith.png]
From Moonrise Kingdom

[Image: 2013_07_02_by_timeandrelativedis-d6bo2ti.png]

[Image: landscape_thumbnails_by_timeandrelativedis-d6cj645.png]
Practicing landscapes

[Image: breaking_bad_composition_study_by_timean...6cplbp.png]
Ref'd from Breaking Bad. Practicing composition.

[Image: facessss_zps1a9b93e8.png]
I really need to practice faces.

[Image: null_zps6369f7fc.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsa0bcfe77.jpg]
90 sec gestures

Oh, nice studies, keep doing that.
Thanks, zakknroll! I will. ;)

Another composition study, focusing on Fight Club-
[Image: fight_club_compositions_by_timeandrelati...6ctxcb.png]

And some more landscape thumbnails-
[Image: landscape_thumnails_2_by_timeandrelativedis-d6czj7h.png]

Did a figure practice-
[Image: figure_practice_by_timeandrelativedis-d6d0ee2.png]

And some hands-
[Image: hands_by_timeandrelativedis-d6d0wem.png]

Some face value studies. I need to work on this.

[Image: faces_zps86a26ba5.png]

Did a few gestures-

[Image: null_zps33507093.jpg]

[Image: null_zps0a4c7d18.jpg]

[Image: null_zps474d207e.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsd6733a65.jpg]

And then practiced the angles of the head-

[Image: null_zps5f5a70ea.jpg]

[Image: null_zps6744bb5c.jpg]

[Image: null_zps2be2f05e.jpg]

Moooore landscapes-
[Image: landscape_thumnails_3_by_timeandrelativedis-d6dsdew.png]

And a figure painting-
[Image: 2013_07_17_by_timeandrelativedis-d6dvcpo.png]

Hey what's up, Zombie!

Your killing it with the workload! Much respect :D

Hmm, I would suggest you check this video out, as well as this one, in order to help you out a bit with gesture drawings.
I challenge you to do a thousand gestures... Th_092_ mwahah

But really, keep up the good work and remember to always be thinking when you study, not just blindly copying from ref's. Try to really understand what's happening and once you've studied that aspect - try to apply what you've learned! It's the only way to see if you really do understand what you've just studied.

I look forward to more, keep kicking ass!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
More values man, stronger lights, use whole range of values, try to use only simple hard round brush with 100% it's good exercise because you have to do all gradients manually, keep it up!

smrrfette- Ah man, thanks! I love those videos, I seriously need to watch more. And I accept your challenge! ehehehe...
blu01- Thanks, dude! Using a hard round brush is touch, man, but I'll keep working on it!

Did some 2min gestures today:
[Image: null_zpsf0c30f2b.jpg]
[Image: null_zps17155a53.jpg]
[Image: null_zps5f723365.jpg]

And this one's 1min:
[Image: null_zps1faef362.jpg]

And a still life of my Xbox controller:
[Image: stilllife_zps7b5b0098.png]

Oh nooo, I've fallen behind with updating this regularly. Got busy this weekend and haven't gotten back into the groove of things fully since then.

Anyway, I have some Portal doodles:

[Image: null_zps63f1f93a.jpg]

[Image: null_zps04f628c0.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsaf0790e8.jpg]

And some 2 min gestures:

[Image: Image001_zpsb50055e2.png]

try some nose study also work the jawline
Thanks for the comment, man!

Here's a painting I've been working on. Driving me nuts. I still need to work on the skin tones and how they are when hit with red light. Any crits would be very helpful!

[Image: yo_zps7e3933bb.png]

And some nose studies, referenced from various stock on DA.

[Image: 2013-08-03_zps5ab12858.png]

stay focus on the proportion first don't think about shading now .Try to do some portrait of different race to understand how a nose change also try different shape do not focus on one type i would suggest to do 30 nose .Also the best way to progress is to compare old work with the new one to auto critique yourself but i warn you don't be harsh on yourself and post anything you need help with
Thanks, darktiste! I'll try to do more studies later this week.

Here's a few more I did today. Stalking Sickbrush's class and I'm going to try to do all the assignments. Here's the first one-

[Image: lasso_zps57ade92f.png]

[Image: faces1copy_zps562d8083.png]

[Image: faces2copy_zps7c26e43f.png]

[Image: null_zps18085328.jpg]

Did a couple still lifes today, based on Sickbrush's second lesson. I'll do a full painting of one object tomorrow hopefully.

Great effort continue and this time take a bit more time on the nose dont forget the eye is the first thing we will see in a human face but the nose is in the center of the face so it hard to miss it
The thing that caught my eye is how large you make the nose you wont need to draw large nose.And if you need to draw a large nose it will mostly be a afro-american

i know it can be annoying to make the same mistake over and over but it better to work weakness.

The illustration use in this post is from finlay cowan drawing fantasy hero book

I add this tutorial about nose it also not made by me

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Thanks, again, darktiste.

I've sadly fallen out with updating this, and I seem to have hit an art slump. Hopefully I'll get out of it this week...

Did some gestures as a warm-up.

[Image: 2013_08_13_by_timeandrelativedis-d6i0895.png]

Man, I haven't posted in this for 2 weeks! I suck. :(

Okay, so school has officially started. Well, classes start today but I haven't yet had my first class. But I think I'm starting to get back into the groove of things. Was really busy and experienced some art block, but I think I'm good now.

A still life I did a few days ago. Could still use some work:
[Image: 2013-08-28copy_zps9d27da7f.png]

Practicing some noses.
[Image: null_zpsa30a75b8.jpg]

A character based off of the character generator.
[Image: null_zps9b785ebe.jpg]

Foreshortening practice.
[Image: null_zps7427a87c.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsa2ccefee.jpg]

Dat still life study of the comb is looking awesome! Great work sticking to studying anatomy, no matter how frustrating it gets... You just gotta keep at it! These foreshortening studies remind me of Vilppu - - he's absolutely amazing, I suggest you check him out ftw c:

uuuuhhhhmm... Oh yeah, one last thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAYAYAYAY :D! Mwahahah, hope you have a great one! D5f02ecd

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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