Thanks Jaik. Wil try it out.

Been resting my wrist, its gotten better, but its not fine yet. Also I have a bad habit of gripping the stylus too hard, but rooting out that aswell.

30min value practice


nice work cracked! it might be an interesting exercise to try and draw gestures with as few lines as you can instead of making all those searching lines.

Liked those chest designs on the previous page. Seems like you're more comfortable with geometric shapes. Good to see you doing these life drawing to improve!

As for your wrist, don't draw with your wrist!!!

Draw with your whole arm and keep your wrist fixed as much as possible.
Try drawing elipses and straight lines to get into the hang of it.

Samszym- Its definitely out of my comfort zone, but thats a good thing. Also trying out different approaches is always good.

Doublethink- Those were studies, I suck at design. I used to draw with my wrist too much, but wasnt aware of it. Now its gotten a lot better and I almost never use my wrist anymore and when I do I notice and change it.

Drew on a blackboard in school today, there was no impact on wrist, although some muscles did get tired after a while and I breathed in some chalk, but it was pretty interesting. Chalk is hard to control in terms of lighting.


Hope your wrist gets better soon!

Watch your legs - they are sometimes on the short side... as in that sideview skeleton above.

The cat is cute :D

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Lyraina- Same here, I try to eyeball proportions and dont measure them too much, quess thats the fault.

So my wrist is better, but still far from fine. Fortunately I am getting used to drawing with elbow and shoulder more and more.

90-sec qestures (as opposed to the 30sec ones I had been doing so far)

Strained my wrist on monday due to exercise.

Cant do a solid hour before it gets uncomfy, which in turn makes me impatient and prone to mistakes.
Exams are coming up aswell, so I got something to do while it gets better.

I had to rest my wrist, but its fine now.

Now that my wrist is healed I can set a new goal.

30 hours by the end of april.
I will start counting tomorrow, it should be an average of 3h a day.

Tried the painterly method of approach on some portraits and did some sketches.

Looking good! Sorry to hear about your wrist. Take care of that shit man, everyone needs wrists.

With teh short legs, just remember, from the pubic bone is the anatomical centre of the body, so from there to the base of the foot is the same distance as from the top of the head to the pubic bone. Should make it easier to eyeball :)

Keep getting better, and goodluck in the exams if they aren't over already :)

Thanks Jaik

Day 1.
3.5h done.

Think imma focus on faces this week. Starting with skulls.

Try to break down the skull into simpler forms, you might be trying to remember a lot of details you don't really need and missing things that are important.
If you have one of Bridgeman's construction books he has a page where he breaks down the head as a ball with the sides chopped off, a boxy form for the forehead, a block for the cheekbones, a cylinder for the teeth and a little wedge for the chin. I think that might be a good base for your studies, you can add details like teeth or texture when you get the basic forms nailed.
One little thing it doesn't look like you've realized is that the outer edge of the eye socket is a bit further back than the inner edge, so we can have a wider field of vision. Because of that when the head is turned the further eye socket will be foreshortened.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for mentioning that Sam. As for basic shapes in skulls, Ive used them, but I think I should get more complex and in depth. But it never hurts to start out simple.

Day 2.
3h done

Last week in school, then its the exams and im free.

Day 3.
3h done

Applied everything I learned these past days and produced a skull from imagination.

120s gestures, wanna get better at making marks in the right places, also experimenting with different ways

Edit:forgot to add this

Good work so far. :P I think you should flip the canvas more often because the last skull is a little bit off :)

Didnt notice that, but after you mentioned it I started to see. Thanks.
Day 4.
2h done

Ah shit, must have used my wrist in somwhere, because its not feelin good.
Think I gotta change my style of drawing.

Day 5.
5h.15min done

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Maybe draw a bit with your left hand sometimes, to let the right one heal? Can be an interesting challenge as well, and since learning and improving is not only a matter of muscle movements but also your brain you will improve anyway :)

The illuminated wave looks lovely!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
hey man,
im seeing alot of sketchy unfinished stuff. try to really push something to a finish because there is alot to be learned at the end of the process
Day 6. 4h done

Thanks, Ben you are soooooo right. I dont think Ive gone over 3h with anything for a while. Last 8h+ study was the Game of thrones one :). Ill hunker down and get something done in the next few days.

Lyraina- yeah I did some lefties, mostly on paper. My wrist is pretty fine now :). Thanks.


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