TristanGuts' Studies Thread
Hey all, guys & gals.
I'm new here and really admiring the community's work ethic. So I'm jumpin' in and try myself.
I'm currently following Noah Bradley's Art Camp so my studies will mainly follow that program, with a few tweaks of my own.

Here are some compositional/tonal masters' studies. I've tried to stay within 15 mins each. Last one took longer. Originals are by: Bouguereau, Palizzi, Zorn & Sargent

For who might be interested, this is my comp study setup

Hope we all enjoy the long ride together and make some friends in the process.

Nice studies so far, keep them coming!
Really good studies! Great understanding of line and contrast composition!

@Demon - I'll try my best, thx for the welcoming!
@Madzia - Hey, I've seen your tip about in the Resources thread; it seems a really interesting app, i'll try it out later today. So, thx for that and for the comment!

Other compositional/tonal masters' studies for today. About 10 mins of observations & notes + 15 mins for the study each. The VonMenzel was pretty complicated so I think it took longer.
Please excuse my horrible mishandling of the English language and the bestial handwriting in the notes.
Originals are by: NC Wyeth, Lovell, Cornwell & VonMenzel

[Image: 9293167878_5bd2da45e5_o.jpg]

Color masters' studies. 15 mins each.
Originals are by: top row Monet, Dulac, bottom row Whistler, NC Wyeth
[Image: 9309329359_999bda83fa_o.jpg]

Again, for who might be interested, this is my color study setup
[Image: 9312114598_5f8ccc0690_o.jpg]

Color Studies & Comp/Tonal Studies!
I'm trying to attain more simplified shapes and schematic organization in the tonals. Not really successful though.

Originals are by Levitan, Zorn, JC Leyendecker, Sorolla.
[Image: 9323733402_32eeca1d5c_o.jpg]

Originals are by Tepper, Parrish, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Lovell
[Image: 9320942201_ac12fe6853_o.jpg]

Hey all, long time no see

Here's two portraits i did for the It'sARTMAG "A Song of Ice And Fire" Challenge.
If you like them you can vote by sharing (not by liking) them on facebook from this pages:
Daenerys Facebook Link
Arya Facebook Link
more important, let me know what you think!

Daenerys Targaryen

[Image: 9714202233_951ea1313b_o.jpg]

[Image: 9714201455_a66c987f75_c.jpg]

and Arya Stark

[Image: 9717436886_cb04a3b718_o.jpg]

[Image: 9714203695_bb02c63b63_c.jpg]

Really dig your take on Arya. Kinda the way I pictured her when I read the books. Think the painting could have used more hard edges to make the form pop out more, but it has a cool dreamlike quality to it now, so it's nothing negative, just a thought!

hey Adzerak! TY for the reply.
I tried to do justice to the image of Arya i have from the books; unfortunately the time for the contest was running out so i consider the illustration unfinished, but i liked it enough to send it anyway. I will totally continue to work on her and taking into account your considerations. I'll add more hard edges while trying to keep the dreamlike quality. Thank you for your thoughts!

hey all, long time no see! let's resume where we last stopped...

Tonal Studies, originals are by AlmaTadema, Dunn, Jacquet & NC Wyeth

[Image: 10336322416_82bbd0f975_o.jpg]

[Image: 10336486153_404f5fef66_o.jpg]

Study from ref. Goals were detailing and focus. Character is Doc Cochrane from Deadwood, played by Brad Dourif.

Wips and process gif for the Doc Cochrane study.

[Image: 10446795045_d32d6880ff_o.jpg]

[Image: 10446753094_a1cffe52bd_o.gif]

Wonderful studies, TristanGuts!
This process gif is great!

It'll be cool to see how you apply these studies to your personal work,
Keep it uuuuup Insane

That Doc Cochrane study turned out great. Such a sturdy and stoic moustache, really nailed the shadow beneath it!
How do you feel after doing the art camp? Did you actually participate or do it on your own?
Must've been hard to keep that workflow up anyway, so kudos for that! :D
Keep ballin'

@smurfette: Thanks! Personal pieces are coming!! sit tight :D
@bjulvar: unfortunately some work had prevented me to follow the camp at the original pace. I also found out that with that rhythm i wasn't learning as much as if i prolonged the week to about 10 day, integrating some theory about the week's topic. Basically i started with noah's prompt then developed my own custom study program, still trying to complete the suggested number of exercises. Anyhow after few weeks i was forced to stop due to external work. I'm going to restart the second cycle next week though, and will keep posting here. If you have other questions, shoot!

Today, color studies!
Originals by Cole, Allen St. John, Chandler Christy, Cornwell.

[Image: 10336506323_908fae1f1f_o.jpg]

Wow dude the Daenarys portrait looks amazing. I totally love the colors.It look awesome in bw as well.A bit muddy here and there but good nonetheless.

Keep working :D

Hey Tristan,
Thanks for stopping by me SB the other day. Absolutely loving your sketchbook. Can't wait to see more.

Hey guys, thxx, very much appreciated

[Image: 10336486323_e46b6eb45a_o.jpg]

Personal Sketch

Tonal Studies, originals are by Johnson, Pyle, Pyle, Guy Brenet

[Image: 10336486243_79bd4c2808_o.jpg]

Woo! I sat tight and I'm seeing a personal piece-! Looks good, I see the crow(?) all subtle in the background, cool stuff

Can't really crit you on anything, just keep it up!


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