Some of my latest studies and illustration works

Hi thre dudes, i've been here around Dec last time, then I had relocate, started an online Painting course and bla bla bla. Lot of excuses. I know I just might follow this forum and stop. And I'll do it since now! Here I am with some of my latest edges and anatomy studies, hope anyone of you could help to get better. Thank you for your attention . CheerS

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rework the gun on the last lady and i would like to see you do still life
Thank you for the tip about the gun, I 'll do better next time, but for sure I'll post some still life on saturday. I've decided to post here just on saturday, so I'll do studies all the weeks and then I'll do a big post here. THank you again, see you around dude!
Hi there dudes
Here am I in the week end (as always) to share some of my latest studies with you guys and girls. This Week I did a still life as Darktiste request, a photo study and few 60 sec gestures. With photo study I tried to keep it with a painterly appeal, I like a lot realism and ultra realism, but I would to develop a more painterly themed appeal. Same on the still life, but I know i can push it further next time. 60 " gestures have not all the same quality but of course can improve them with time. C&C are very welcome. Have a good Sunday

Good Morning DUdes
this was a super fun week because I've singed it onto the SPITPAINTING group on facebook.
So i did lot of funny stuff, practicing composition and values (2 of the most important thing to learn as illustrator) SO i hope you can spend moments of yours checking this and then let me know what do you think. Then I would like to start follow stream, so if anyone want to do ones, please let me know. Have a nice we, see you around dudes!

can you do some hair study just for fun with a realistic approch

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