Forrest's Sketchbook of Wondercanes and Dreamsicles.
Well that studio job is sucking the life out of me but its good money. I'm very grateful and its been a crazy different experience compared to what I'm used to. I'm starting to try and work out a schedule so I can get the maximum amount of work possible while staying consistent with necessities like spending time with my girlfriend so she doesn't hate me and doing my daily workout so I don't become fat and lazy and irritable :D

[Image: 53769860eab2d5e6782af6973025d6e6.png]

You're improving real fast buddy! It's good to see you're never giving up! Your work is getting more and more solid! Nice brush strokes and some very good character design lately! :D Keep it up!

You are your only limits!

So the studio has been keeping me nice and busy (not really nice but whatevs). Here's what I was able to do over the last couple weeks. It's helped having a personal project to work on and do specific things for. And it also really helps that while doing it it's simultaneously requiring me to do studies so I'll stop sucking over time. Maybe. We'll see.

[Image: 45bb4dca913491dee423da3bc9e2d094.png]

Sweet studies with good mixture of personal work. It's inspiring to look at it ;3 And the idea to put everything you want to upload to the forum in one file is brilliant. Saves time and effort. Need to start doing this =D Keep it up! ><

hey forrest,

happy new year to you. I hope it is all good.

I saw your latest illustration on facebook (the one with the green dudes talking to the d&d guys) and I thought I'd do an overpaint of it.

I changed the following:

The overall mood was too warm for me to convey a sense of tension or danger, which is implied by the "calm down" gesture of the guy and the pointing of the main greeny.

I simplified some of the trees to have less wobblyness.

I added the grassy patches the main greeny has around its feet also behind it to imply it came from there, leaving growing grass whereever it steps.

I pushed all but the two main characters in the background by making them lighter or darker.

I added some texture and tree-mushroom for visual interest and to help the comp.

I added rimlights on the main characters with a gradient from warm green on him to cold green on her.

I hope you like it and it helps a bit.



Keep up that effort

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook


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