All Night Long!
I tend to work all night long on my art ahha that's why this thread is called "all night long"
I won't post my old work on here, just the stuff that is VERY recent and current work. All th updates on this thread will be of the work i'm doing NOW.

So the most recent work is this Space Mermaid re-paint of a slightly older image that got a crit by Daniel Warren, and i decided to follow up on the crit and re-paint it accordingly.
[Image: 401985_10150768340469896_629324895_12664...1117_n.jpg]
And here's the before and after so that you can see the changes that took place. I hope i did a better job and improved the image a lot.
[Image: 423608_10150768340209896_629324895_12664...1506_n.jpg]

Now i will start on my earth demon repaint, that got a crit from crimson critters :)
here some of the sketches, will do more before starting the re-paint.
[Image: 403622_10150737447684896_629324895_12570...1519_n.jpg]

if you are interested in seeing my older work please visit my website >

any criticism on my current work is welcome! to be updated soon :)
Here's the stuff i've done recently
[Image: 405555_10150796766409896_629324895_12745...2961_n.jpg]
[Image: 407276_10150798795474896_629324895_12754...7632_n.jpg]
[Image: 419808_10150824054874896_629324895_12828...2388_n.jpg]
[Image: 403178_10150826073709896_629324895_12834...6807_n.jpg]
[Image: 426757_10150829027459896_629324895_12842...4335_n.jpg]
[Image: 398566_10150834006349896_629324895_12857...0849_n.jpg]

I also need to do more portraits like this, keep it up :D

hahah I shall try :P doing study a day is demanding...but doable :P


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