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Hey, thought I might as well start a sketchbook here too with the daggers!

This was my bloodsport4 entry -
[Image: Mr.G-by-rich4rt.png]

Recent stuff -
Some environment wips inspired by http://nathanfowkes.blogspot.com
[Image: grasslands1-wip4.jpg]
[Image: grasslands2-wip2.jpg]

[Image: Atreyu-by-rich4rt.jpg]

[Image: buffalostudies.jpg]

Wips from past 2 days -
[Image: Caironwip4.jpg]

[Image: coreander1-wip1.jpg]

Critz welcomed! :D

Wow, good stuff so far. I really enjoy the environment you posted, really neat idea :) I hope to see more from you

Forrestimel - thanks mate, here's more! ;D

enviro update, gonna leave it alone for a month then come back and pulverise it-

[Image: coreander1-wip6.jpg]

some new char roughs from today -

[Image: guardswip1.jpg]
[Image: rockchewerwip1.jpg]

The first landscape reminds me of minecraft =) just in realistic.. i really like it

Great stuff man, that gorilla toy looks awesome :D

I agree with what Nimao said.
I really like that recent miner character as well.
Thanks guys your awesome!

Saturday I did some more character concept designs playing with shapes as his original design was quite generic. Still gonna do some more till I hit the sweet spot or one jumps off the page…
[Image: atreyu-revamp-designs-wip1.jpg]

and a rough 2hr environment from todays livestream, lots more of these to come -
[Image: dark-forrest1-wip1.jpg]


Hopefully this will inspire some daggers! :D I went back over an old piece that's just over 2 months old now to see quite literally how much I had improved within that time frame, it still has it's flaws but the progress is quite visible! Just goes to show that dedication and hard work pays off, so stop browsing and go paint! :D (well after this post anyway ;) )

[Image: wasp-b4-after-rich4rt.jpg]

My previous posts had some tired and 'seen that before' designs that didn't gel well with the themes and directions I had chosen so I took a step back and thought about it. I added two tablespoons of sugar and dived back in revamping them into something hopefully fresh, regardless I learnt a lot and levelled up in the process -

[Image: atreyu-revamp-final-thing-wip5.jpg]

Some wips -

[Image: Caironwip7.jpg]

[Image: rockchewerwip2.jpg]

Some environment thumbs playing with shapes from mind and inspired by other artists (Ryan Lang, Scholes, and another I forgot the name of ><). I'll be combining 5&6 into a new finished piece (hopefully ;D) -

[Image: grasslands-thumbs.jpg]

Some beastie silhouette ideations from today -

[Image: artax-ideations-wip1.jpg]

Nice work, man. Very cool to see the improvement between those two paintings. Just keep up the good work and you'll be breaking hearts in no time :D

alexson - haha thanks mate!

After giving the image a break I went back to the library scene and pushed it some more. It's heavily inspired by the beautiful interior environments of Deus Ex. Also to see what I started out with I've attached the basic 3D blockout -

[Image: coreander1-base1.jpg]

[Image: coreander1-wip8.jpg]

Cool environments dude!

ohhh man! Killing it. Sweet designs all round. In the environment piece the shadows on the floor confuse me, and they also seem way to sharp. keep it up!
rich, you've got some wonderful things going on with those environments. The artax designs are bangin' too. Just keep pushing, you're definitely honing those skills.
yeah, your environments rox. however your characters are way behind those landscapes. so maybe put more attention to anatomy in the future. keep pushing. cheers

Cool stuff Rich, I really like all of it!

Those really wide enviro thumbs are sweet, nice colours.

My faves are the characters, before and after, you have improved lots and lots!
archipelago - thank you kind sir!
Monsieur-Beefy - thanks for the crit, I ended up removing them, and introducing bounce light so the shadowing isn't as harsh - looks much better for it. As for killing it.. I dno, I think they are just playing dead ;D
CoreyKLamb - Honing into a fine butter knife!
ramalooke - so true, and I will! Pinky promise :D

Hello! New stuff -

Some ‘singing tree’ enviro things for my project
[Image: Singing-Trees-by-rich4rt.jpg]

Char wip/ideation, I wan’t to make some more interesting drastic versions with more obvious ties to sci-fi
[Image: empress-wip4.jpg]

An enviro photo/paint mashup
[Image: desert-ships.jpg]

Some sketchy doodle doos
[Image: jungle-huntress.jpg]
[Image: viking.jpg]

As you can see in my sketchbook there is a disturbing lack of studies. It shows. I suck terribly at hands/legs/feet. Well anatomy in general. So focusing this week on hardcore study, Vilppu my hero. But first, time to save the galaxy, mass effect you beast!

Wow, becoming a big fan of your stuff!

Singing tree enviro's are sweet :)

Warm lighting on the amazon lady is really effective, look forward to more!
Crazy designs man.
great work dude (:
Tooth - too kind, love your stuff too!
Liberty - I hope 'crazy' as in good ;D
dstrax - thanks mate :)

Brothers from another mother here's some new stuff -

Mind sketches that are blah, seeing what I need to look into with anatomy (been studying but not as much as I should, pressured to work on graduation stuff..) -
[Image: mind-sketches1.jpg]

An enemy Japanese/sci-fi/Trevor Claxton inspired dude, I love how he uses a combination of different materials -
[Image: tankwip4.jpg]

Another char wip, ye anatomy ... *sad face* -
[Image: empress-wip8.jpg]

Some environment wip -
[Image: dark-forrest2wip1.jpg]

Some project world character inhabitants concepts I did today -
[Image: random-inhabitants1.jpg]


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