[° ~ °] Nicks art dump
lol no ref was used! the bulky torso and skinny limbs thing isn't really on purpose but i prefer to draw full figured women and beefy muscle body type males just because i like the since of mass and I'm a big fan of Frazettas paintings (:

but i should really pull it back a bit if the limbs look abnormally skinny :/

Thanks man!

great stuff. I like your castshadow study - seems very complex. Did you use any refs?
That half man half egg spitpaint is getting me riled up uuuughhh
haha I joke I joke, it's awesome - and to think you managed that in 30mins?!


The monkey sketch on the previous page looks badass
Where's Mojo Jojo at man? O:

Looking forward to more!

@construction no ref i use a shadow mapping technique to get the shadows right
@smrfette Thanks? lol but i actually spent another hour on it afterwards the one posted here isn't the original one posted in spit paint

that one was crap lol

Mega art dump before the year is up! Happy new years daggers!Party

[Image: oh+shit+its+a+Mojo+jojo+meme.jpg]

[Image: Screen+Shot+2013-12-24+at+10.56.50+PM.png]

[Image: Screen+Shot+2013-12-25+at+11.25.41+AM.png]

Dat gradation...

[Image: ass+study.jpg]

[Image: GUARD_alien.png]

[Image: GUARD_alien_ortho.png]

[Image: GUARD_Veros.png]



[Image: Screen+Shot+2013-12-03+at+11.37.08+PM.png]

Hey fsg. Your ability to pick colours is quite excellent. Similarly excellent is your dedication to each piece you work on, but there are issues with how you place and depict forms. As far as I can tell it's an underlying problem with your 3-dimensional understanding, in particular, the way you pose figures, you're not quite applying foreshortening correctly. I see that you like the softcore porn! Me too, and that is the perfect format to combine your anatomical understanding with the necessities of perspective.

And there's something else that softcore porn photos can teach you about, that is the effect figures have on the surrounding atmosphere and surfaces. Your paintings tend to divorce the figures somewhat from their surroundings, there's little bounced light, the edges are really hard. There's a lack of visible atmosphere like dust.

I think it was you who mentioned that you "already use the lasso tool to sharpen your edges"? In some places that's a sound strategy, but professionals really do just freehand their stuff, sometimes you need to up the scale of the image to get fine details in there, but they shrink the final paintings down so that they seem better and more detailed than they could possibly have been otherwise.

One more thing, when you get an idea for a painting you need to put a stopper on your enthusiasm (maybe by making a quick line drawing that solidifies your thoughts) and work on the background. If there isn't a believable or realistic setting then your idea falls way short.

Though right now, your real problem is not imagining things in three dimensions. And when you do a design sheet, like for that eyeball-monster thing, you need to bite the bullet and do a three-quarter view. Side views and front views are close to useless to a 3d modeller.

Phew, long ass post.
But a very well thoughtout long ass post! You really hit me in all my weak spots im really going to work on these things. i actually thougt the eye alien was in 3/4 0_o i guess ive had this illusion of gradeyr on my art for a while now jumping into rendering and not worrying about anything else. im getting the massive black art books in a few days and im just going to try and match the quality and learn what works and what diesnt. thanks again!!

I follow you on instagram man, nice stuff! If you want to speed up improvement, perhaps you should maintain your online sketchbooks as diligently as your instagram account. Post your WIPs, sketches, studies, and you'll get tons of valuable critiques that are bound to make your finished pieces stronger man. Sorry if I sound redundant; I know you are aware of this process.

...howeverif you know better, you should do better :P


(01-01-2014, 01:42 AM)futurespaceghost Wrote: [Image: GUARD_Veros.png]

Some really good stuff here, but this one isn't really working for me. I think it's partially the same issue as the eyeball monster, the slight tilts are flattened out in places, namely the hips. I feel like the symmetry and straight on view there really hurts the gesture, and it contributes to the perspective feeling off. (I think the foot sizes are off as well.) And I'd work on the helmet and surrounding area. It's roughly as close to the viewer as her head, but it feels like there's no way in hell she could cram her head in, which throws off the entire arm for me.

Some fiddly things: The sharp, breast encasing upside down V shape of the bottom of the breastplate both makes the boobplate really obviously sexualized and removes the illusion that it's even vaguely functional, (But I dislike boobplates in general. YMMV.) and, more importantly, injects this really sharp, jarring shape into the very center of the generally really organic, smooth curves of your design.

And finally: Watch your tangents. The shadow from her head lines up exactly with the curve of the armor on her shoulder, and it reads as an asymmetrical, toga style thing until you look closely.


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