Lucil's Sketchbook Thread, help?
I made an introduction thread here --, someone suggest that I make a habit of drawing at least 20min daily so it becomes a routine.

I am trying to pursue a career in Art and find my niche but I don't believe I am that great of an artist, and I was hoping to start a Sketchbook Thread, thinking this community can help me out.

But the thing is, what do I draw in it? I have no clue, I am not that great at creating unique ideas or drawing from my own imagination and I am finding a very difficult time in figuring out what to do.

Any ideas or exercises would help, thanks.
You don't have enough in your library, that is your brain, to make something from your imagination. You have a long term goal, that is to make a career out of Art, which is great. Keep that in mind, but make short-term goals too. What are you weak at? Hands? Draw hands, find references of hands or draw your own, a friend's or a family members, hands. Study them, learn every time you draw them. Maybe this week you want to draw hands, and then maybe next week you want to draw hands with a pen instead. Take it one week at a time; don't look too far ahead right now, or you're going to just discourage yourself. One small step at a time, and the next thing you know it you've reached your long-term goal and a new beginning.

In your spare time, when you're not drawing, read books. Good books like "Lord of The Rings". Books will also help with your creative juice, and it's much better than say a video game or a movie, because they force you to imagine how characters, landscapes, monsters and buildings in your head. That imagination is all yours, not someone who made a movie or a video game. Which in turn will help build your imagination along side your studies.

Of course, this is just my experience in drawing and what I learned from my mistakes(lots of trials and error and going back to do it the right way :S). It could very well be different from someone else. :)
Watch tutorials on YouTube like Proko. Watch the very first video like learning how to see, how to measure, etc.

And it's also best you do line exercises. I also make a habit like drawing everyday but I don't keep track on time except when doing blind contour and other exercises. Have fun!

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