Al Lukehart CD Sketchbook
[Image: etiquette_with_smaug_by_justjingles-d6y48qn.jpg]
Etiquette with Smaug
[Image: webcam_self_portrait_in_technicolor_by_j...70r3yf.jpg]
Webcam Self Portrait
[Image: 1549778a6687a1432d08ef44c92bd5b1-d4z8rns.jpg]
The Man in the Moon & Roverandom
[Image: snow_dancer_by_justjingles-d702g01.jpg]
Snow Dancer
[Image: christmascard_fortumblr_by_justjingles-d6z9pwr.jpg]
Have a SHINY! Christmas
[Image: bestiary_portfolio_direbear_by_justjingles-d6weocx.jpg]
Bestiary: Dire Bear
[Image: felix_web_by_justjingles-d6u9b9y.jpg]
[Image: glittering_eyes_by_justjingles-d6q8gvs.jpg]
Glittering Eyes
[Image: fox_skull_study_by_justjingles-d6oyuw8.jpg]
Fox Skull
[Image: psithurism_by_justjingles-d6kj3z7.jpg]
[Image: professor_bless_and_the_dancing_madwoman...6c5uoo.jpg]
Prof Bless & the Dancing Madwoman
[Image: 945836461f2050a3f97c2e8e870af9bc-d68kyiu.jpg]
Scareship #10
[Image: mercy_by_malignant_librarian-d63we08.jpg]
Adepta Sororitas Mercy
[Image: ryoko_by_malignant_librarian-d63hqnl.jpg]
Coming Home
[Image: environment_speedpaintings_1_by_malignan...62sf9k.jpg]
20-40 min speedpaints
[Image: bregga__paladin_of_iomedae_by_malignant_...60weg7.jpg]
Bregga: Paladin of Iomedae
[Image: spring_faerie_dragon_by_malignant_librarian-d5wiu0m.jpg]
Spring Faerie Dragon
[Image: blue_caravan_by_malignant_librarian-d5trt0i.jpg]
Blue Caravan


Hi, my name is Al (or Jingles). If I’m not drawing, I can be found rolling polyhedral dice at the gaming table - I love Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder! I've shared a lot of finished art here, but the majority of what I'll be posting up on here will be exercises and speedpaints.

My reason for joining Crimson Daggers is to do speed-painting partner exercises with Marla. My exercises will be primarily on environments & architecture, since that is where I would like to improve this year.

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Some studies I have done recently. I will be focusing on getting my values more accurate to the references in the future. Thanks to my study-partner, Marla here on CD for her support and critique. Let's keep doing em.

[Image: warmup_1_8_14_zps86f8e580.jpg]
1/8/14. This model came from and I am afraid I rather made her look corpsish. SORRY LOVELY MODEL. I forgot to mark how long it took on the drawing.

[Image: study_1_12_14_zps6ef794e2.jpg]
Architecture, reference used from a friend's photo with permission.

[Image: 1_17_14_zps449525b9.jpg]

Speedpaint study. The reference for this came from and I am afraid the original model had a luscious full head of hair that I simply did not have time to even GET to. I am reasonably satisfied with the back musculature. I would like to improve upon values more quickly in the future, I thought 45 minutes would be enough but I built up too slowly. Grr.

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Yay, I'm so glad you joined me on the ride here ^^ Also super happy to have a study buddy in you :)

I already gave you most of my crits when we talked :) but I just wanted to say that I think it's super cool that you're stepping outside your comfort zone to do these studies, and I really appreciate seeing your take on them!

I feel like that's something you're doing with your art in general lately, breaking outta the mold, and exploring styles, and improving outside of what is cozy, which is AWESOME :D Eeee!! ^^

The world is moved by illusions.
| Sketchbook
Thanks for having me! Study buddies!

I appreciate it, definitely taking the critique to learn from next time. What is stepping outside my comfort zone the most is publicly posting my studies, actually! :)

I've definitely been an artistic spelunker lately, this is a good reason to keep it up. Thanks.

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Heeeey. Welcome to the forums. Awesome start of the year I must say. You have tons of really cool stuff <3 Hope to see more awesomeness flowing in your sketchbook anytime soon ;) Cheers!

Hey, really nice first page. That portrait and reindeer piece are really cool. Liking the style in a few of these, too.

Nice stuff. :D

Love the expressions in your stuff and body dinamic is also cool! And Sororitas, I couldn't pass by:) Keep it up!

Thanks Ramalooke, cheers! And thank you too, Archreux.

Yay, another 40k fan I have found in Arnalie. :) Thank you!

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Wow, long time no update. I've been doing speedpaintings lately, each based on a prompt that I post on my blog. Anyone is welcome to participate! I do them almost daily.

[Image: speedpaintings_2_by_justjingles-d7olscr.jpg]

[Image: speedpaintings_3_by_justjingles-d7q4qom.jpg]

[Image: speedpaint_6_24_14_by_justjingles-d7nrurx.jpg]
"Out there on the water" 45 minutes

[Image: glittering_lights_by_justjingles-d7nwp5p.jpg]
"glittering lights" 40 minutes[/i]

[Image: speedpaint_6_29_14_by_justjingles-d7oh9go.jpg]
"Land of forgotten beasts" 45 minutes
was inspired by Princess Mononoke!

I've done more but I have to run, will post them later!

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I like your style, and I like even more the way you paint your ladies. You should post more often!

@Rafa: Dude, thanks so much! Your stuff is amazing, I'm LOVING your sketchbook (I'm flipping through that bad boy right now!).

More little weird speedpaintings!

[Image: predator_speedpaint_by_justjingles-d7ozlog.jpg]
"Predator" was the prompt, 45 minutes of being distracted by my beloved friends. I like to get together with my girl friends and do these little speed paintings based on prompts we give each other, it's a blast!

[Image: breggasketches_by_justjingles-d7oh79w.jpg]
Sketchy sketchy.

[Image: aveline_sketches_by_justjingles-d7lqoru.jpg]
More lady knights sketchy.

[Image: pale_anubis_by_justjingles-d7ka5ne.jpg]
Some pale Anubis-like figure with hella abs.

[Image: elise_web_by_justjingles-d7fc6st.jpg]
Doodling a character of mine.

[Image: thistlehead_wyvern_by_justjingles-d7e5tkl.jpg]
Thistlehead wyvern concept! Man, I just love t-rexes, and dragons, and... purple?! Eeep.

[Image: eva_s_talking_trees_by_justjingles-d7e5p9b.jpg]
Some storybook stuff for a project of mine called Sprout. "The ball had rolled much farther into the forest than it had originally seemed to, but Eva had found it eventually. She also had found a grasshopper, and a mushroom, both of which she stored in the pocket of her coveralls for later analysis.

Eva paused to catch her breath, squishing her bare toes into the soggy grass. The growing suspicion that she might not be able to find her way back home germinated in her mind. And it seemed, somehow, that the trees were having a grown-up conversation she couldn't understand."

[Image: arya_webres_3_23_14_by_justjingles-d7bekn2.jpg]
Sketch of Arya from Game of Thrones.

[Image: harpy_by_justjingles-d78jewy.jpg]
Speedpainting of a harpy eagle. It sort of looks like Fairey's "Hope" poster of Obama because of the colors, which is something I really should have thought about before splapping orange all over the canvas with childlike glee.

[Image: ryoko_sketch_by_justjingles-d781gy3.jpg]
Scan of my hard sketchbook. I am mostly sharing this because - and no, the company does not pay me to say this! - the Crescent Rendr is a really fun book. The pages smell like the inside of a Kraken because they've been treated with some kind of chemical so that markers and other wet media don't bleed through, even solvent-based media! How cool is that? Anyways, if you can get past the smell of dryer sheets, a Crescent Rendr is a fun little side sketchbook.

[Image: eva_by_justjingles-d76msk5.jpg]
More Sprout stuff, there's an illustration for it if you scroll up again. I was going for a Pixar-ish look.

[Image: critter_by_justjingles-d76cplr.gif]
More Sprout stuff.

Anyways I have more speedpaintings to share later, and some finished illustration work on my portfolio website. Cheers!

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More speedpaintings...

[Image: speedpaintcomp_by_justjingles-d7s03op.jpg]

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[Image: sarge_concepts_by_justjingles-d7smy5c.jpg]

[Image: tigerking_by_justjingles-d7ri502.gif]

[Image: hotguy_by_justjingles-d7u4zcu.jpg]

[Image: kittyfinal_by_justjingles-d7vv886.jpg]

[Image: bestiary__troll_by_justjingles-d7yxiaz.jpg]
Pathfinder troll speedpaint, here's the process gif:

[Image: tumblr_nbtkegKZQy1r2tnv5o1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_nbnh1bVqzV1r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]
Monkey-like dryad!

[Image: tumblr_nbng8lA5Fm1r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_nbm0ordOFG1r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_nbm0mi9Y151r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_nblye23oWc1r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_nb6qf7MBv31r2tnv5o1_500.jpg]

Just throwing down a handful of sketches and speedpaints and other miscellany!

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