Hunter Sketchbook
Hi and welcome to my sketchbook. On internet communities, I usually go by the name Hunter and I am a 20 year old aspiring artist from the Northeastern United States. I also like to write and I'm studying medicine at school this upcoming fall. I have been using my tablet since September of 2012 when I decided to move from traditional work to digital. I took almost entirely art classes my last year of high school because I had knocked out everything required and was able to just take things for fun. I hope I can get critique, help, and also give some to others through this site. I wasn't very dedicated to my work for a long time and actually stopped drawing entirely for about 4 months, but I am determined now to get to the level I want to be at and to be very pleased with my drawings and paintings. I also do not seem to have many completed works, and deleted a lot of things that I regret deleting. I apologize for some large images that will take up the screen, I resized the biggest ones.

Current works (oldest to newest):
[Image: kv3eNC7l.png]
[Image: eJwwKSZl.png]
[Image: Gzg5GrZ.png]
[Image: TxcYzg9.png]
[Image: DTGMvQul.png]
[Image: PeBXvy1l.png]
[Image: EEjt1uf.png]
[Image: eH5Ag3yl.png]
[Image: HV4GhKul.png]
[Image: WnAFaMA.png]
[Image: zSdquGZ.png]
[Image: 0Yv4wod.png]
[Image: AddQ9o2.png]
[Image: tk0JAFm.png]
[Image: rQ4LPLd.png]
Some portrait sketches. I have updated the one of the woman without hair to make her look less androgynous, but I felt I should post some more recent things and WIPs because it takes me...forever to complete things.

[Image: untitled_by_huntingendlessly-d7cg2qw.png]
[Image: lol_sketch_by_huntingendlessly-d7drtro.png]

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