CRIMSON ARENA 3-The Grimm Posters
Excellent work, guys!
Shame, I haven't noticed this one. Though, there's still about a week - I hope I can make it :)

I do have a question, though - do we have to stick to the style of the time the stories were written in? Or can the designs have a modern twist/different environment, still being based on the original story?

Dayum, late for the show, but I'm getting there.

I"m really set on red riding hood and creepy twisting trees are the first thing I thought about.

@denikina : I'm not sure about that, the whole idea of the challange was to make a poster for a fairytale, and not a reimagine a fairytale then make a movie poster (tho I might not be right about this, see if Forrest or Vansty say something about this)

@ denikina: I say go ahead and do what you want, if the poster represents the story at it's core than it shouldn't matter if you reimagine a few details, just try to stick as much with the original story as you can when making the composition for the poster.

Sorry I haven't been able to post a personal entry, I like to do these challenges along with you guys but I've got a local comic con I've been setting up at so I've been quite busy. I'll see if I can't post some WIPs soon. Entries are looking great so far though, keep em comin everyone :)

Heres the progress on the piece, studies are in my sketchbook and I'll also post them in the finals thread.

Hai guys, i did "the youth who went forth to learn what fear was" or "TYWWFTLWFW"...For short :)
I tried to leave my comfort zone and went for someting i would never paint. I learnt something, Never leave your comfort zone xD
I've seen a couple of posters like this and thought they looked cool.
[Image: TYWWFTLWFWcopy-1.jpg]
[Image: 0e095d98-5145-40ea-b1fc-57d422365c27.jpg]
[Image: oldfacecopy.jpg]

I will be doing another (better) one before the deadline (there's plenty of time left) and i'll update every step/study/thumbs daily <-----saying this so i won't procrastinate.

permision to kick my ass if i skip a day granted!

Update 1: "Trusty John" thumbs.
i never do digital thumbnails, i can never get my ideas on paper... i mean on layer fast enough. i still need to pick one
[Image: TrustyJohnThumbscopy.jpg]

My Sketchbook

I shall live forever or die trying.
hoodie study

I didn't know if I could it make but now it seems I'm on a good way. So I'll post some studies for now while working on the final piece. I choose "The Golden Bird" because it's a lesser known story with lots of interesting characters and animals in it. I decided to go the way of a more stylized, graphical design. For me this fits to a fairytale story - it's how I imagine it. Also it saves some time on a tight deadline :-)

I started with some very rough compositional sketches and then worked a bit more on the one I liked most, also doing color variations. Next thing was studies of all the various elements in the picture... If this contest was good for one thing then it is making me study animals and costumes :-)

update: some quick value layout before i do mah studies later today and fix stuff.
ps: fuck hands :)

[Image: FaithfulJohncopy.jpg]

My Sketchbook

I shall live forever or die trying.
So I managed to do some work on the topic. I hope that today and tomorrow, I'll push it further.

The tale is "Girl without hands". Grimm enough.

No twists in the end - since the answers were different and I came up with something "in style" enough :)

Did few quick and sketchy poster studies before, somewhat close to the idea I had in mind, to learn more about color and composition.

[Image: 5E0H9L4.jpg]

Then there are my own thumbnails. Funny, whenever I have an idea I cling to it so hard, till I don't come up with something better (which usually happens, since the first ideas are almost never fully developed). That's always a good lesson, to do more sketches and I should never forget it.

[Image: DzvZNpf.jpg]

1 is terrible, 2 a bit less. I'm torn between 3 and 4, the first being more simple (which I generally prefer), the second having nicer shapes (also an asset).

Any prompts? :)

Nice work everybody! (:

@denikina: I sometimes have the same problem with clinging to an idea too hard, so I feel you! I also like 3 and 4 the best, somehow I like 3 a bit better, but I can't really tell why. I also think it would depend a bit on how you'll do the final result, 4 would also probably work really well with a more graphic style and flat colours (at least I can imagine it well like that)

Unfortunately I was very busy the last days, but I did some more studies and I also already started the final painting, however I got some eye trouble and I think I need to rest it a bit. I had an eye injury last year and I didn't pay attention enough which lead to a long process of recovery, so I prefer to be careful. I really hope it will get better during the course of the day, else I don't know if I can finish my entry, but I'm being optimistic so far.

[Image: studies_by_cyprinusfox-d7i6vzg.jpg]

The architecture was really hard to do, I've never done this before and I don't have experience with brushes and texture.


@Cyprinus - thanks! I chose 3rd in that case :) I like the flat style much, but intend to mix it with some more realism and see what happens ;)

Some more studies from yesterday and today - cloth, hands and hair. Some of the things causing me the most trouble.

Meanwhile, I'm doing the final poster - I really hope I will make it before the deadline.

[Image: XS0OCIU.jpg]

well here she is. Wish i had more time to come up with something better. went with the cheese, but sometimes that's fun :P and i'm not smart enough to use the forum, so ill post the final after

final. srry i keep posting things so huge... i dont know what im doing

Attached Files Image(s)

@Driesty, if I can make a little typo critique - I think the illustration would benefit if the title would be a bit less saturated. I'm sorry I am a typo-geek sometimes. Apart from that - I really like the Hood's....well, hood and the rest of the outfit. :)

And here's what I managed to do. It might have been better, had I got a little more time, but still it was a good challenge for me. I learned a lot and wouldn't have done this in my free time :)

Grimm's Girl without hands:

[Image: Mbu21hV.jpg]

(I have no idea what to do with the final. Anybody, help?)

I kind of finished (I always have a hard time deciding that something is finished or not when working digitally...) my entry, now I can't decide where to put the title ): I also forgot to post the sketches for the clothing but I'll post them along the other studies in the finished thread (I think there will be one?)

[Image: shudder_varianten_by_cyprinusfox-d7ih7mi.jpg]


OK, it's getting late here and I don't see a Finals thread (maybe I'm looking at the wrong place) so I'll post mine in this one.
My studies and sketches are already here a few entries up so I'll refrain from posting them again to not spam the thread :-)

So here follows my final entry. I'm a bit unsure whether it's too plain and simple for a contest like that but I kinda like it and had fun doing it. And it made me do lots of studies and learn a thing or two so it's OK for me. Hope you like it too and I'm very eager to see your entries!

Heeey I have no idea where I can post the final image! Anyone knows anything? :D
Hello guys heres the Finals thread!
Sorry for the late post. my interned died for a while :)

My Sketchbook

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