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My name is Dustin and I want to do this stuff all day instead of just nights and weekends.

i need to paint more...

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1415726&stc=1&d=1328423969]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404894&stc=1&d=1327123835]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404895&stc=1&d=1327123861]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404896&stc=1&d=1327123894]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404897&stc=1&d=1327123925]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404899&stc=1&d=1327124007]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1404898&stc=1&d=1327123982]

Battling the Fire Giant - I guess you could call this d&d fan art as the giant is pretty much a combination of a few diff fire giant designs already out there. Nothing new but it sure was fun to paint. Hopefully my paintings will get better as i go.

I admire your creativity and you certainly have lots of nice interesting work!

I am see however, lack of fundamentals - anatomy, posing, lighting, well all the basics, basically :)

Worth getting to studying! Or at least balance it with personal, you can't improve much from just drawing from imagination and nothin else!

Look forward to more :)


I really like the way you use colors!
Keep up with that style. I hope you get more time to paint :)

También se habla español!

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