Super Group of Challenges and Wonders
Here you'll find the studies and challenge results of this awesome group :o
We started by doing a 2-week challenge called "Tarot Warrior" where we had to choose one of the 22 major arcane cards in a tarot deck and represent it in a warrior-ish kind of way.

I chose Temperance and here's my result:
[Image: hsruauI.jpg]


[Image: DeathTarot_small2_zps02caccd0.jpg~original]

[Image: dinner-batman-justice.gif]

here it is! >:|
[Image: 14747493749_4fd12ec347_b.jpg]

[Image: WTL2moT.jpg]
H O R R O R - G A M E - P I T C H

The "5 Week IP Challenge" has fallen upon us! Basically the idea to go into crush-mode and visual explore a world/idea/game! >:D
We're suggesting a template of "Horror Game-Pitch" ...but the concept is pretty open and to work on an ip to develop a consistent working series of linked pieces within the given time frame. I think it would be cool to also use this as a platform to showcase and apply some of our ::studies::!
-ditch vanilla ideas and push the concepts not immediately apparent
-support, encourage, harass, and constructively critique each other
-experiment, try, fail, and overcome
-post on time bitches! ;D

to quote an exhumed thread:
"this is here to educate ourselves, it will go something like this:
A: The projects will be set-up with a goal in mind, specific or loose depending on the general idea and lesson in mind.
B: Do the project and create a dialogue of what you did and why. (Try and think about this while you do the project, this is important; we will be better able to learn from each other as well as catch each other's mistakes.)
C: The Dialogue will be analysed by your peers; (Right or wrong, the idea is to have a reason why and explain it. I think this will be key )
D: And of course at the same time peer critiques will be offered. (Pretty simple no?)
E: You shouldn't have to spend a large amount of time on this however spend as much time as you need, give it your best.
F. All Projects/Exercises are of course optional, have no order, and are always open to participation. Start wherever and whenever you want!
G. People who are too embarassed to post their results will be shot on sight, you're here to learn not to show off."

::FULL PROJECT DUE 10.7.14!::

Week 1: **due Sunday 9.7.14**
Main Character
Melee Enemy

Week 2: **due Sunday 9.14.14**
Villain environment

Week 3: **due Sunday 9.21.14**
Main character’s environment
Supporting Character I
Prop Design I

Week 4: **due Sunday 9.28.14**
Outdoor Environment
Ranged Enemy
Supporting Character II

Week 5: **due Sunday 10.5.14**
Interior environment
Prop design II
Presentation sheet, marketing pitch, or website **due Sunday 10.7.14**

This is certainly an experiment and can be changed to suite our needs as we go along to maximize the efficiency of the group dynamic, so if you have comments, questions, or critiques bout how things are going,make sure you right them down, pm me, so we can remember when we're out of the thick of it and hopefully do it again! :D
Good luck gents!

**If you catch this post late, no worries! -feel free to hop in whenever!**

Not completed to the degree I'd like, but its cool; teaches me to manage my time better for the upcoming weeks. I'll try to work in some time for refinement on the pieces as well as a some time to rework some of the concepts and maybe do some 3/4 line drawings.

Main Character:
Part of my intention was to work out the design in a bit more dramatic lighting. I'm still really focused on values and setting up proper lighting scenarios. Definitely some cues taken from Anthony Jones. Worked from my original design, :here:
[Image: 15071551861_52d2401ebb_b.jpg]

Weapon Concept Exploration:
With this one the idea was to have this bracer that had a nebulous ink-blot type effect that you could attack people with. It wasn't clear enough with just the bracer, so I made some single framed silhouettes to explore what I had in mind. Mike086 commented that the dessign should have exhauastabe ammo, which makes sense to me, or it would be too op; hence, interchangeable cartridges.
[Image: 14964652580_dce728a20c_c.jpg]

[Image: 15151973595_5973fdb2af_c.jpg]

Melee Exploration:
With the melee character I wanted some sort of brass/bronze exoskeleton with a organic translucent creature riding inside. not the most original, but arriving at some interesting shapes I can work with in later designs.
[Image: 14989459749_a9e17a3f46_b.jpg]

Alright, i'm doing mine a little out of order. And as Heliux said, I hope to continue working on these throughout the 5 weeks.

Supporting character...
[Image: Hunter_zpsf8e926f8.jpg~original]
Melee Enemy...
[Image: Spiderdude_zps1e7774f9.jpg~original]
Antagonist/Villain, will probably do a full body version next week...
[Image: face_zpsb1bb8dc3.jpg~original]

Wip of full body villian...
[Image: dude2_zps9ee10987.jpg~original]

Messing around, might just be sort of an extra thing on the side *shrugs*.
[Image: trollguy2_zps4cdeed10.jpg~original]

Melee Mob

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Here is my "Melee MOB"

Livestream Crits/Paintovers:
Loomis Study videos:

My Facebook page: MCIII
Rough week timing wise, plus tablet dying. Unfinished post, but good to try and keep pace! ;P

Environment: "The Waste"
[Image: 15058065278_7302a99411_b.jpg]

Antagonist: "Aeidun in waste-form"
[Image: 15058060137_0431b249bf_b.jpg]

Unfinished protagonist and villain

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Some Wips.

[Image: creature5_zps966593fc.jpg]

[Image: enivro_zps1394536c.jpg]

[Image: melee4_zpscbd0cad3.jpg]

few thumbs. gonna pick a couple and render out, or take a little further when I can figure out when to carve out the time. ;P
[Image: 15123565980_9a25f40b5d_b.jpg]


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