Renato's Sketchbook
Hi guys! Starting my sketchbook here in order to get some critiques and advices to hopefuly become better and better :)

[Image: pwjcG1T.jpg]

[Image: aq4E6TP.jpg]

[Image: RDcMV7o.jpg]

[Image: K69frFI.jpg]

50 mins study of my gf whie she posed wearing Pjs

[Image: MHB791p.jpg]

when painting from life you are not obligated to draw 100% how it looks in reality, you should change it and design it to facilitate viewers reading. Or even take advantage of working with life model and ask her to sit different, move hand in different spot or turn. Like the arm and knee are joined in one line it does not look good. The left hand floats in space and leg is unnaturally long.
Face is rendered very good, if you crop it only to portrait it would be more pleasing painting :D

Good to see studies right off the bat, but what is the stuff that you typically do for fun? What are the studies contributing to?

Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!

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Thank you a lot Madzia, that really helped me! I am aware that you should not have tangents in the drawings, so thank you for reminding me about that and all the other advice :)

and Psychotime, for fun I usually draw things like these:

[Image: bC56idt.jpg]
[Image: 5lR3o82.jpg]
[Image: HUsiba6.jpg]
[Image: G9ELc8l.jpg]
[Image: 3XkqDrr.jpg]

aaaand it's time for me to get out of my comfort zone and start drawing some things other than creatures..

Cool!!! pokefusions

some more gestures and a study

[Image: Sl2Dkg4.jpg]
[Image: jfQoAqY.jpg]

Some more studies done today

[Image: H79xnFV.jpg]
[Image: JBQEcvt.jpg]
[Image: I0hpGGW.jpg]

Gotta work more on my anatomy, maybe some studies with Andrew Loomis book by the end of the week

the thumbnails and the final piece I did for th Sons of Zeus challenge here :)

[Image: myCWm12.jpg]
[Image: WTJjufv.jpg]
[Image: 7c3g0LS.jpg]
[Image: XLYBudK.jpg]

I've been absent from this thread for waaaay too long! Now that university is over, is time to get back to the studies :) here are some I did lately:

[Image: iPHHa6I.jpg]
[Image: HByXFeS.jpg]
[Image: 7fa7q4W.jpg]
[Image: uUkZFSO.jpg]
[Image: UOYS5NO.jpg]
[Image: zKlQ17T.jpg]

[Image: rjvz1kx.jpg]

didn't spend to much time at home today but still managed to do some face studies :3
it's really rewarding to see myself evolving not only from exercise to exercise, but also in just one exercise, see the difference between the first approach to a theme and the end result when I finish a study :)

[Image: 3IwQZx1.jpg]

Some thumbnails for a challenge im workin on

some morning gestures to start the day kickin!

[Image: Euk4fxy.jpg]

Hey man, welcome back to posting here, lol. :)
Those anatomy studies and faces are looking reeeeally good. Keep it up!

aha thank you so much Rafa! :3 It means a lot to be encouraged by some other fellow daggers! :)

Today, here's a cover for an album a friend of mine is going to realease soon
[Image: egfUqLC.jpg]

some thumbnails for the Tarot Warrior challenge

[Image: 9FXsjHb.jpg]

and the final, which im not happy with, i got a lot of problems that i'm not going to fix at this stage, but it was quite useful to learn what not to do :)

[Image: qdKuNRx.jpg]

a still life to get my mojo back after the tarot disaster xD

[Image: hwW5wf7.jpg]

Nice work man. Gotta get back on that horse straight after an image you werent happy with. I must say. Those bread crumbs look great. Really weird thing to focus on but yet.. They look really good :P

The face of the lady holding the lightening bolt a few posts back is a bit long. I think it is mostly the mouth cylinder. Makes her look slightly ape-ish but the rendering looks spot on.

Keep fighting man. Hopefully it all gets easier with time :D

adsaodkbdaidaiobnui when i saw the pokemon i was like ooooh ive seen this on deviant art haha. I wanna compliment you on the slowbro/blastoise one. I really like the design of that and how real you made it. Your figures look good, nice line control. I feel like you are fighting with some figures, because theres sometimes a lot of scribbly lines, but the progress is good so far
Awesome pokemon fusions :U
Pokemon never looked so reaaal xD
And quite scary.

Pokemon ... gotta catch ... em ... eeeeeh ... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!

Jaik: Yeah, i always thought she looked a little like she escaped from the planet of the apes, but didn't realise why, so thank you very much, i'll try to fix that! As to the bread crumbs.. I ate them after the still life xD

AngeliquevdMee: Thank yooou ^^ and yes, you're totally right, i still struggle a little with figure drawing, gotta practise a lot more :O

Adrian: but...but..but.. they're so cuuuute ;___;

aha thanks a lot guys :) I did some thumbnails studies to start preparing for the Crimson Chow challenge :3

[Image: ojOvMg7.jpg]


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