Rise of something new to me - Baiclo
Hello everyone! I have never drawn and to be honest I never thought I would be an artist, but lately something changed in my life and I´m sure this is what I want. I´m aiming to become an artist! I´m learning 3D by myself and it´s time to do the same with drawing and painting. I´m a bit afraid as it´s my first time here and I suck at drawing, but someone told me to create this thread to get started and begin the hard working. I don´t know where to start mainly because of the massive helpful content on the net and books. There are a few people who has already recommended me several books, webs, youtube channels and much more, and that´s why I´m like shocked deciding which one to start with. Anyways, that´s why I´m here and I hope to have a wonderful time with you guys and (who knows) help somebody if I´m able to.

Tomorrow I will start uploading images and I want your feedback guys, so help me to grow, please!
hey, welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing your work and progress :). I'd say you could start with what you enjoy and just draw for fun and decide which fundamentals to study along side just drawing because you enjoy it ;).

Thanks for your encouragement JonHop!

Finally I found my SD card and could take the photos. Sorry for the watermarks.

These are crap from imagination. I upload them so that I can see my improvement in the future.
[Image: Lik76K4.jpg?1]
[Image: YZTNH0N.jpg?1]
[Image: X4ulZgX.jpg?1] Hope to finish it soon and try to make a digital version to enhance it since the strokes are so hard and noticeable.
[Image: in55LC2.jpg?1] For the eyes variation I got inspired by a video of Sycra Yasin about how to practice drawing.

A copy exercise of a still life that I left unfinished (I didn´t realize the photo was blurred till it was late, sorry)
[Image: EeM4zV9.jpg?1]

Figure study, 5 min each one.
[Image: CU0TjOy.jpg?1]

Torso study from a sculpture. Still a work in progress.
[Image: QJcnMya.jpg?1]

Waiting for your comments and feedback guys! Thumbs_up
You're making a great start with the observational and construction-based stuff. From what I've seen here all I can say is that you should just carry on with studying stuff like human anatomy and values so you can apply them to drawings from imagination. Keep going!

Following the advice of an artist I admire I decided to do some quick sketches with a pen, like trying to create thumbnails, and this is what I got. My strokes are awful, they will improve with time hopefully.

[Image: ncMqmsp.jpg?1]
[Image: qrRwXAW.jpg?3]
After last update I haven´t been drawing and that can´t happen again, so these last days I´ve been more seriously. Except the self-portrait and the notebook´s sketches I did when I was bored at class, all of them were done on Friday. Today I did a few more poses, even though not so much. Tomorrow I will post them :D

For the self-portrait I used a mirror...I won´t do it using one never ever, it was an awkward experience.

[Image: q5Vm1i1.jpg?1]

[Image: Gvh4Vlp.jpg?1]

[Image: qmouplG.jpg?1]

[Image: L8y0Gfy.jpg?1]

[Image: bcKpxpx.jpg?1]

[Image: ltNl3U0.jpg?1]

[Image: beFzO2I.jpg?1]

[Image: uT9VOOd.jpg?1]

[Image: UuIsCSZ.jpg?1]

[Image: kcxD7Wt.jpg?1]

C&C are helpful, so don´t be shy! ;)

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