Bloodsports 11 Reborn- Living Statues
Hey guys, a little group of people decided to get back to old good Bloodsports challenge and we'll use this thread for the WIPS and FINALS. If anyone wants to join us you are more than welcome! The deadline is November 2. Rules and explanation: Good luck! :))
Here comes my stuffs: The Medusa, who in greek mythology was quite a sexy bitch, axtually, sexier than some goddes, so she got jelly and gave her petryfying look. Cool topic for a living statue :D
Also, some studies I saved xD Very little, well, was kinda busy, I've also studied some snakes and did some thumbs, which are lost. Anyways, overall I like how it's turning out and I'm definitely gonna push it further.

I dunno why, couldn't attach Medusa in the last reply, here she comes.

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