Digitally Bound Book
Here are a collection of drawings, mostly unfinished, or studies that I've been doing over the last few months. Any comments, are appreciated. I mostly work in pencil, sometimes ink, barely ever digitally, but I am trying. I'm adopting Dave's regiment of a still life a day. My first was today, and it went poorly, have to get used to photoshop.

[Image: promocastshot28x11nyccmedium.jpg]
[Image: side1promonycc8x11dsmedium.jpg]
[Image: side2promonycc8x11dsmedium.jpg]

If you'd like to see the sample pages I made for the first 12 pages or so of the comic you can check them out on the blog of my website.

here's a piece I did in a few hours for a friend last minute.
[Image: no-snicklefritz.jpg]

So, what do you think?
Did this study/still life yesterday morning.

around 50 minutes.
[Image: converse_study_50_minutes_by_dethb4dishonor-d870kpm.jpg]

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