Othrandir's sketchbook
hey :)

heads ( the first and last are from mind )
[Image: scan0001.jpg]
[Image: scan0002.jpg]
[Image: scan0005.jpg]
sketchbook pages - from mind
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
[Image: scan0004.jpg]
some quick environment from tonight - 1 hr and 30 mins probably ( too slow : ( )
[Image: 23.jpg]
random doodle from head again
[Image: 103.JPG]
blaaah...school sucks... blaaah
Interesting to see how you drew from mind before and after :)

isra-ac --> Yeah it's always cool to see progress , too bad you'll have to stick around to see any progress in the end :D

Ok I was really lazy the last few days and that's why I didn't upload ( not that anybody cares :D ) I don't feel bad though , because I read a lot of stuff and I learned a lot. For the next week I have to study a lot for school , but I hope that I will be able to draw a good amount a day.So yeaaaah...my life...whatever...blah blah...now for some "artsy" shits ^^
oh btw , I bought myself an awesome A3 format sketchbook and I love it, I've never had so much ROOM!!!I love it , the only bad thing is that my scanner isn't big enough so I'll post camera pics.It looks like it doesn't change the quality THAT much so it'll be ok ^^

Some hands from life ( I really need to get myself a smaller portable mirror, It's so uncomortable with a big one :O )
[Image: DSC03137.JPG]
[Image: DSC03139.JPG]

some heads , they're all from mind ( about 100 I think)
When I was adjusting the contrast something fucked up the quality...sorry...I don't feel like doing it again :D
[Image: scan0001.jpg]
[Image: scan0002.jpg]
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
[Image: DSC03138.JPG]

nothing digital though :\ I'll draw more bad stuff and I'll post them so you can laugh ^^
Awesome, I take my hat off (is that right in english? XD) in front of that bunch of cool face drawings!

Thanks , Isra! :)

Just a quick doodle before doing homework :D haha , I smudged the crap out of it XD

around 2 hours

His thoughts are inspired by Sycra's stream :D
[Image: 104hu.jpg]

bigger post later :)
More smudge tool fun :D Doing crappy artsy shit makes my day :D

[Image: 105.JPG]
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! :|
My scanner doesn't work , so photos are going to be used instead... sorry for the bad lighting.I just took them and it's artificial light , since it's night :\

crappy poses
[Image: DSC03140.JPG]
[Image: DSC03143.JPG]
crappy sketchbook page...no imagination AT ALL...I dunno what's happening :D
[Image: DSC03144.JPG]
some more hands - On the one I tried a more refined rendering ( you probably can't see it that well because of the pic quality). Haven't really done one of those , but it was really fun and I will definitely do more of those.I actually kinda like the one! :D weird...I must be getting soft :D
[Image: DSC03142.JPG]
[Image: DSC03141.JPG]
aand a couple of old unfinished still lifes :)
[Image: DSC03145.JPG]
[Image: DSC03146.JPG]

I need me do some anatomi studiiz :\ :D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD5XUZ90e5s (awesome Xavier Rudd being awesome) -----> I still don't know how to embed videos...can someone help ? :D
okaaaay...my last post was 10 days ago and I have so little done! :(

nvm , I'll just keep on workin' , no point in me complaining how bad I am.

some bad 30 secs... still trying to get the figures more action-y
[Image: 04.JPG]
[Image: DSC03234.JPG]
[Image: DSC03233.JPG]
[Image: DSC03235.JPG]

aaaand to some it all up - sketches and Hogarth studies :D

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 07.jpg]
[Image: 2.JPG]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: DSC03229+copy.jpg]
[Image: 08.jpg]
[Image: DSC03232.JPG]
[Image: DSC03237.JPG]
these are really small actually I just zoomed them in
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]

aaaand digital poop :)

some perspective shit :P

[Image: 575872_389574431073087_100000615994504_1...1432_n.jpg]
[Image: 564653_389618381068692_100000615994504_1...2283_n.jpg]
[Image: 09.jpg]
environment study from one of Noah Bradley 's NZ photos...amazing nature... :X 1hr 30 mins
[Image: 24.jpg]
EOW thing I finished a day after the deadline :D - around 7 hours I think
[Image: 107_2.JPG]
color experiments , trying to get more comfortable with it...still not working :(
[Image: 108.JPG]
quick sucky sketch -
[Image: 109.JPG]
I was away for 3 days and I brought my tablet , I thought it would be awesome!Painting digital plein air!!...my pressure sensitivity didn't work because of a sucky laptop... X.X :|
Here's what I could do without breaking the laptop to pieces :D 2 hrs
[Image: 10.jpg]
So it's been a long time since I posted. Everything is pretty much the same though :D
I won't be able to post anything but digital stuff , because my sketchbook is too big for the scanner and my father took the camera with him ( He works as a ship mechanic and he travels a lot ) . You'll probably get bored anyway , I mean it's something like 30 pages of shits :D
so here's some creature sketches :P

[Image: 03.jpg]

[Image: 04.jpg]

environment studies from screenshots and photos
[Image: 110.JPG]

[Image: 112.JPG]

[Image: 113.JPG]

[Image: 25.jpg]

[Image: 26.jpg]

[Image: 27.jpg]

[Image: 29.jpg]

[Image: 28.jpg]

Here I tried using only hard edged brushes , so I had to pick every color.I'll never finish this , but I learned a lot from it so I'm glad! :P

[Image: 30.jpg]

this is a quick sketch I did for my cover in Facebook
[Image: 114.JPG]

Ilya Repin study , that guy was Amazing! :X
[Image: 11.jpg]

girl photo study , trying to get my skin tones right
[Image: 12.jpg]

A painting I did for one of the theater groups in a festival for french loving people - done in one night

[Image: 111.JPG]

a painting for a physics talent contest ( I was mostly trying to get an easy A from my teacher :D ) -also done in one night

[Image: Untitle%2Chd-1.jpg]

here's some details too
[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

Finally I downloaded Alchemy.That shit's fun! :D Ideas popped in my head so fast after only 4-5 secs of playing around on a blank canvas.So fun.
Here's the first sketch I did with it.

[Image: firstsketch.jpg]

and the following photoshop work up. - probably about 1 hr

[Image: 115.JPG]
30 min environment sketch and some doodled stuff on top , that I'm going to try and turn into a normal looking illustration :P
[Image: landscape.jpg]

[Image: sketch.jpg]
Changed the composition , thanks to some really helpful advice from Sickbrush.

[Image: sketch2.jpg]

I'll probably continue work on it tomorrow...now sleep!
Here's some sketches from boring classes at school :D ( from the smaller sketchbook.I don't think I'm going to use the other one too much until the camera returns :P )

[Image: scan0001.jpg]

[Image: scan0002.jpg]

and some progress with the dragon thing. I put some basic colors on the main dragons and riders.I had to get rid of the knight in the foreground though.I'll try to think of something else to put there ... but what??...hmm...we'll see :D

[Image: sketch3.jpg]
Bleh , sorry for the one image update , but I wanted to drop some progress on the dragon piece.
I still can't think of what to put instead of the knight.It may be another knight , but I can't think of the pose :\ . I guess I'll have to keep thinking.I have to fix the lighting on the dragons.It's amazingly wrong right now :X argh...so much things to fix :(

[Image: sketch4.jpg]

I started a livestream btw , if any of you feels like joining me sometime :P

recent shits :) I just switched to RGB sliders... it's hard maan :( I like the results though :)

[Image: 33.jpg]

[Image: 31.jpg]

[Image: 32.jpg]

quick sketch from imagination - about 2 hrs
[Image: 117.JPG]

dragon thing - 1hr 40 mins with the sketch underneath - here's the progress [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wu3mrsCz4E"]video[/URL]! :O

[Image: 116.JPG]

and some terrible head sketches in photoshop

[Image: 10.jpg]
damn , I'm all alone in here , huh :D No crits? Is my work really that amazing? :D

just two pages from a bit ago to fill up space :)
On the first one , the two with a "K" on top are quick sketches from a Kotaki painting :)
[Image: scan0003.jpg]

[Image: scan0004.jpg]
Does anyone know how to scan brown paper without it looking like shit in the end?
sooooo sketches , studies 'n stuff ... ( some of the pencils are studies of other artists work , I'm sorry , I'm only trying to learn :P )

[Image: scan0006.jpg]

[Image: scan0007.jpg]

[Image: scan0008.jpg]

[Image: scan0009.jpg]

[Image: scan0010.jpg]

[Image: scan0011.jpg]

[Image: scan0012.jpg]

[Image: scan0013.jpg]

[Image: scan0014.jpg]

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

and some progress on the dragon...omg why is it going so sloooow :( I think I need to get smarter and understand more of the stuff around me. I think that's the way to get faster...right?

[Image: sketch6.jpg]

more stuff coming soon :)
I told you it was coming soon :P

some sketches mostly
brown paper stuff is so fun! I know it looks like shit , it's partly the scanner's fault :D
Doesn't matter though... IT'S FUN! :D
all of these are from imagination , except for the first normal paper sketchbook page ( that one is with studies from awesome artists :P)

[Image: scan0016.jpg]

[Image: scan0017.jpg]

[Image: scan0018.jpg]

[Image: scan0019.jpg]

[Image: scan0020.jpg]

live long and prosper
I just wanted to share a quick photo study :P

sketch / sort of finished
[Image: 118.JPG]
So , I tried taking a break from art for about a week. A nice healthy break...turns out I can't :D Did some sketching yesterday and today :D

here we goo...craaaaaaappyyyyneeeeeeessss :D ( All from imagination except for the hands :P )

[Image: scan0021.jpg]

[Image: scan0022.jpg]

[Image: scan0023.jpg]
I like the variety of faces you draw, good work!

Too tired to write anything.
Here's today's stuff... blah my anatomy is still crap :\

[Image: scan0001.jpg]

[Image: scan0002.jpg]

[Image: scan0003.jpg]

[Image: scan0004.jpg]

[Image: scan0005.jpg]

[Image: scan0006.jpg]

from my livestream ( I didn't touch the tablet for like a week...MASSIVE DIFFERENCE , it's like I forgot everything :X...is this how it's going to be in the future? :( )

[Image: 11.jpg]

[Image: 12.jpg]

[Image: 120.JPG]

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