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Welcome to the fashion study group!

(I might edit in some more introductory stuff later. But it is late at night and my brain starts to feel funny. So for now: this group is open for everybody. Feel free to join! Just post some of your fashion studies here, share your insights and discuss!)

Did some research on colors for suits. Here is what I found.

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Some studies and my attempt at doing something from imagination.

Hey guys good work so far

I decided to try a new way to study. Instead of finding a picture and copying it (which in my experience doesn't lend itself to remembering it well), I decided to look for descriptions of how people dressed, then look up the individual pieces and draw something mostly from my head around that. I get to practice working from imagination while studying design! It was fun, I recommend it if you're like me and don't really internalize design all that well

So some medieval peasant design studies. Next time I will research middle class and upper class! The bottom half is more basic design study-copy. Also gotta get better at lines!

[Image: 243j32q.jpg]

Some middle/upper class medieval fashion stuff. I always thought some of the things I saw in cartoons and reenactments were just fanciful but apparently most of that stuff was real lol

Working from art history and some historically accurate fashion illustrations this time

[Image: juthc5.jpg]

[Image: 2qmkqhk.jpg] [Image: 2jfek93.jpg]

>Patrick Gaumond You're killing it ! Those are awesome !

Some of the studies I did lately. Head to my Tumblr to see the direct application in my latest painting.

Today I wanted to study vampires fashion, yeah. But I haven't found anything as cool as this costume from a 1931 Dracula movie (really great movie btw).

Modern stuff I studied for the nice shapes and designs.

Fashion study of the day : Ninjas !
I might do something from imagination for tomorrow.

You're really cranking these things out man! Don't forget to use it all before you forget tho

I did some quick and dirty studies of samurais, since atm I'm working on a piece with some samurai design. Started off focused on the pants but then pulled out and did the rest. Also trying to get down some sort of sketching flow and be loose and expressivei. I think tommorow or the day after I'll do some research on the parts+names of things

Apparently samurai pants are really hard to paint :s. I feel like cringing looking back at some of these lol

[Image: 21axq3k.jpg]

[Image: k1ypeq.jpg]

[Image: 1zo80ht.jpg]

[Image: vphfys.jpg]

[Image: 21lkgea.jpg]

I like the painterly effect in your studies. I think samurais are going to be my next target :)

These two concepts are made completely from imagination.

Samurais ! I was very tempted to do studies from Yojimbo (awesome movie) but I wanted to paint straight in color.
Now I'm gonna take time to do some personal work.

Thanks to this site. I think this is really a very useful post.


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