Pandas like to draw and stuff [nsfw?]
I am ultimate lurker in all forums,... unfortunately. I hail from the land of maple syrup and poutine, please welcome me to your land of daggers and art.

PS: Gotta work on patience, productivity and efficiency >:C

First 5 are from life, the first one is a self portrait in black and white and the last few are from a bust. (1.5 - 2 hours each)

[Image: 17feb2012selfportrait.jpg]

[Image: cast-filisozk.jpg]

[Image: cast2-filisozk.jpg]

[Image: cast3-filisozk.jpg]

[Image: cast4-filisozk.jpg]

2.5 hour poses from life :B

[Image: longpose-1.jpg]

[Image: longpose-2.jpg]

and a few characters for fun, doing some zombie stereotypes.

[Image: nancyhipsterzomb-filisozk.jpg]

[Image: punkzomb0-filisozk.jpg]

[Image: fashionistazombie.jpg]

[Image: pekodacat-filisozk.jpg]

woo great studies and sketches man! I like how these zombies and cat turned out!

@yog joshi: thanks man :)

Some short poses at life drawing 1min in ink, then 3-5 min and 10 mins sessions. and 2 photostudies (one shiny helmet and a scene from bladerunner)

[Image: shortpose.jpg]

[Image: shortpose6.jpg]

[Image: shortpose5.jpg]

[Image: shortpose4.jpg]

[Image: shortpose3.jpg]

[Image: shortpose2.jpg]

[Image: shortpose1.jpg]

[Image: helmet-armor.jpg]

[Image: brs1.jpg]

Also some hands :B

[Image: hands.jpg]

Greta stuff, love the Bladerunner study :)

haha, very nice and refreshing body of work here :)

Thanks guys!

Small update bloops. Study from life and another zombie, last one for what I wanted to try :B

[Image: torso.jpg]

[Image: gangstazombi.jpg]

Quote:[Image: cast2-filisozk.jpg]

why yes! yes you are<3

great work in here. keep it up.
great stuff, keep em' coming!

@Trobino and Rich4rt : Thanks guys!

Stuff from imagination in pencil, poopy studies of Sargent + Prud'Hon + Vanderpoel and 2 screen studies from the movie Phenomena

[Image: IMG.jpg]

Drawing from a planed torso's head and generic faces.
[Image: IMG_00011.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0002.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0004.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0006.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0003.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0007.jpg]

[Image: phenomenascreen1.jpg]

[Image: phenomenascreen2.jpg]

that last one is sweet

Thanks Brent!

Just stuff from the sketchbook D:

[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-4.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-5.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-6.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-7.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]

@AJCC : Thanks man, I got the torso set from gnomon or anatomy-tools (if you live in canada, you'll have to pay extra customs for ups) and the head cast from Really helpful!

2.5 hour Long pose from tonight, really gotta buy a bigger canvas rather than the 9"x12" to take more advantage of the 3 hours.

[Image: longpose-march9.jpg]

Awesome studies! I Especially love those bust paintings!

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Cool shit! Cliché comment: Keep it up!

The latest 2.5 hour post is Ace!

Wow I love your sketchbook pages! your anatomy and design skills are really cool.

watching with intent :)

Thanks guys!

Sketchbook stuff and some studies

[Image: hunters.jpg]

[Image: m14-2.jpg]

[Image: m14-1.jpg]

[Image: m14-5.jpg]

[Image: m14-6.jpg]

[Image: m14-3.jpg]

[Image: m14-4.jpg]

[Image: m14.jpg]

[Image: breastplate-and-backplate-armor.jpg]

[Image: arms.jpg]

This was for the Bloodsport, but I later found out that I forgot Zelda and in general I didn't like the direction it was going... :C Here is what I had done, just for you daggers )3(

[Image: unfinishedlozww.jpg]

Awesome studies:D Keep pushing that pace.
Thanks Liberty!

Small study for ce soir

[Image: torso1.jpg]

Quick update, sketchheesssssss

[Image: sketch.jpg]

[Image: cast6.jpg]

[Image: taxidriver1.jpg]

[Image: longpose-march16.jpg]

Moar updaaaaattessuh. Also mini fanart of Bob and that pigeon guy from Transieeeent

[Image: m20.jpg]

[Image: m20-5.jpg]

[Image: m20-4.jpg]

[Image: m20-3.jpg]

[Image: m20-2.jpg]

[Image: m20-1.jpg]

[Image: shoeboot.jpg]

Doodle of my beautiful Yuri as a Power Ranger

[Image: yuriranger.jpg]


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