How do you present your self -Alias?
So my real name is Jesus ... my middle name is Oscar, and since I was little, I've been called Jeso by my dad for some reason.. Jeso being Jesus + Oscar, made into like one single thing. That's why i chose it as my Artist nickname or whatever. But here is the thing... When you introduce yourself to other people in real life, clients and other artists specifically, and you have built your online presence around your artist nick name... How do you present your self in real life? Do you say your real name? or do you say your Alias? or both?
In my case is weird to say my real name, because often times English speakers would pronounce it as "Jeezus" as in.. Jesus Christ.. lol That's annoying and inconvenient.

Just kinda wondering, it got me thinking lately.. What do you guys think?

Believe it will be a good idea to use your real name when you talk to customers, but you can also use your alias when it sounds like a real name and is not too difficult to pronounce. but if you have had an alias like Pink_pony_killer_3000. or Dingo. It would probably be better to use your real name. :)

But it's a personal thing what you do, but you must have confidence in using the alias as the name, and not go and change it all of a sudden, as it probably will hurt yourself and confuse your customers a lot.

Try getting your friends to call you by your nickname as name and see if it clicks :)

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Ive always had to use an alias since I've come online since my real name is shared with a popular fictional character, so my blog/portfolio has a title. Ended up sticking with Vandal because its been that since I was angry teenager.


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