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Thanks for dropping by my sketchbook!
Your traditional work is great, I especially love your animal gestures!

Digital just takes a while to get used to because you're usually not looking at your hand when drawing - it's a bit like relearning to draw with your other hand. It can take a couple months, but don't get discouraged! Digital gestures seem like a good idea, I'd recommend doing some of those every day.
For further exercises to learn your way around the digital basics, is a good ressource of tutorials.

I haven't seen your reference for any of the traditional paintings of course, but it does seem that you're tending to use too many saturated colours. Forget about the local colour that you know the object has and instead look closely what colours you see. For instance, if that bottle in the stillife is glass, you should see some of the table's colour shining through it. If you were working from a photo, take it into photoshop when you're done, and check the colours with the colour-picker - you might be suprised what you find!

Hey man,thanks for droping by my SB !

I looked through your stuff here and they are great, just keep on doing them and they will be uber awsome, can't wait to see what you'll create ! : )

Also, AMNIMALS !! XD I started studying them as well recently so I hope to see more of those from you, really love them ! :D

And to answer what you asked me about my moon pieces- you could say they are more of a conceptual type of illustrations cause I really want to improve in that section and create a story as well.
Also, to see how much I improved over the past month.

Keep it up, dude !

p.s. We have similar logos...... ! *happyface*

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Olooriel- Thank you!  Your advice about painting and digital media was very helpful. I will keep it in mind next time. I really need to step out of my comfort zone and work on learning digital media. I am going to try that next time I paint. I have been trying to finish my current sketchbook. Once I finish it I am going to work on some digital paintings.  
ShinOkami- Thank you! You made my day!

I started drawing animals way before I started to learn figure drawing. My animal anatomy is stronger than my human anatomy. Trust me there will be ton of animals in this sketchbook. I should start calling this sketchbook zandra's zoo...

That's a great idea. I am going to try to make an illustration each month to see progress.  I always feel like I get caught up in studies and forget to do personal work.

We do! I love tribal art. Did you design yours? I didn't draw my avatar. I will eventually make my own but it works for now.

I have been working I just keep being lazy about posting. I am going back to school soon so I have been drawing as much as I can. I am determined to finally finish my 11x14 sketchbook and start a new one before the summer is over. Only 9 more pages till victory!

I studied Loomis , worked on simplifying figures in 3d shapes or mannequins, and studied anatomy. I forgot how great loomis is I need to study him more. I also did some gesture drawings on giant newsprint, but I am too lazy to photograph them.The rest is drawing from imagination. I am planning on inking the moth dragon on bristol. I haven't touched my dip pens and I miss them.

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Wow, wonderful sketchbook you've got here. You're putting out a lot of nice work. I see you've mentioned Loomis-- I can only agree! Loomis is fantastic. Especially for the technical side of things, which I tend to struggle with.

Your sketches flow really nicely.

I'd also recommend Vilppu's drawing manuel, and Bridgman, but for entirely different reasons. They are also technical too, in a sense, don't get me wrong-- But, it's really more for the abstract 'click' of how it all fits together that was really great in studying them.

I'd recommend studying one of them for awhile, and then doing some observational figure drawing and seeing if you can apply the techniques. If possible, drawing from life is best, but not always available.

Anyway, keep up the great work! You've got enormous potential.


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Yo ! :D

Great update, really liking the fact you're focusing more on simplified look, don't forget them tou cause some of the abs on male figures look flat on the surface that should be curved, maybe it's just me, idk :S


And yes, I did design my logo. Been a long time since I did tribal >.<

Keep it up dude, doing great !

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Thank you for your comment on my sketchbook! I absolutely love yours! It's so inspiring seeing all those studies. I don't have any useful critiques sadly, I'm way behind on my skill levels, but I definitely am looking forward to seeing more of your studies. Keep up the great work!

I haven't updated in a while because of school. Next semester I am planning on updating this more regularly to track my progress because I still feel I'm not where I want to be. I will post my school work tomorrow. 

My plan for today and tomorrow is to start a landscape painting in gouache and focus on anatomy. Specifically nose,eyes ,ears. Legs ,back, and arms. do 5-8 hrs. I spent about 2 to 3 on finishing painting studies

I found it helpful to track how much time I spend on drawing. I think I spent about 5 hours. I have 20 pages of studies in my sketchbook from this past week but I don't want to post it all. I planing on spending 2 hours and 3o minutes on figure drawing and the rest on studies or personal work.

Things I need to finish/start
1.George bellows boxer digital painting master copy
2.wolf photo painting
3.traditional landscape painting (any ideas for the subject? maybe desert or Australia?) figure painting
5.bird human portrait traditional painting

crystal and dragon sculpture still lifes. I might work on the dragon one some more but I am frustrated with it and want to move on.

anatomy studies and some drawings from imagination

also let me know if the images are too big.. its been a while


The seascapes are master copies of George bellow paintings. All the paintings are done in oils. I have worked in oil paint the longest. I hate how messy they are. These are old but I wanted to get in the habit in updating. I was studying George bellows paintings because my teacher always mentioned him when she saw my paintings. The ink drawing is a charActer named pestilence. I made a sculpture of him but it's in storage

I'm working on doing a digital paintings of his boxer painting and I started it a while ago and I really want to finish it and work on my figure painting skills.

I have some work in progress. I've been struggling a lot with digital painting. I am trying to learn about rendering, grayscale to color. how to use opacity and flow. If anyone knows where I could find some good videos I would really appreciate it. The George bellows master copy is not finished I have been trying to learn more about rendering before I go back to it

I feel like I'm getting nowhere with digital painting. Its really fustrating.

Hey, I can see why you are frustrated. The challenge is too high because you are trying to do many things simultaneously. Been in that spot many times. A quick suggestion from me would be to start learning and practicing perspective and forms in perspective.

To save time I will link you some stuff I have found really useful.
Be objective with your art crits.

Dont overwhelm yourself with art.

A friend of mine based an approach to art on it that he is going trough, its been working out quite well. Hes helped me out quite a bit.(you can PM him if you have any questions, or wanna ask for guidance on improvement)

theres ton of other stuff on this website aswell, you can listen to the podcasts while drawing, but I
still suggest you read the article with full attention.

The importance is a bit exaggerated, but its a good technique nonetheless.

And get this guide to help with accuracy.

Well then, this is quite a hefty dump of info, but I hope you go through it all. Hope I didnt forget anything. Also sorry for dumping a bunch of links instead of a more personalized message.
Yeah, digital art is SUPER frustrating until you get the hang of it. I found the rendering tutorial on to be really helpful. Start rendering something simple like a box or sphere and practice smooth blending until you find a way that works for you. The main issue in your studies right now is the blending. Once you figure that out, you can go over them and smooth it all out. Then you will be able to more accurately define the values and shapes etc.

also go easy on yourself cos that digital study of the george bellows piece is pretty great, and its a pretty complex piece to be doing a study of - you set a high bar for yourself!

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Hey Zandra! Your anatomy is looking great and I really like your traditional paintings too!

Like what everyone else is saying, Don't be too hard on yourself about the digital painting.  I'm a hypocrite! 
 That master painting is already looking great and from what I can see already you are a very fast learner.

Oh and if you're not doing it already squint your eyes every now and then when doing form studies. someone told me about that and I found it really helpful.


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