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(05-04-2016, 04:39 AM)Yonderly Wrote: Hello! :)
The exercises from this video (down) really helped my linework. I had a similar problem - it was really scratchy and unconfident, it's still not the top of the tops but it got a lot better! So, check it out if you want. :)

You really got a lot better since you've started your sketchbook. I like your animal studies a lot. <3
And don't let the job anger you or make you sad because of the lack of time - it's better to make one study in which you fully understand what's happening, than 10 brainless ones. Just keep going, I hope to see more of your work.  Thumbs_up

Thank you! :) That's really nice to hear.
I feel like I'm dissing all the advice I get lol, but I sorta feel that just drawing lines feels pretty pointless. If I would want to work on drawing lines I might just practice perspective and get line practice "for free". I kinda just want to paint, and try to learn some in the process. Maybe I'll discover someday that I really lack in some very specific things, but for now I'd like to keep the learning process more holistic. It just feels much more meaningful than just drawing lines all day.

Dodeqaa: Hi there! Nice to see you in here. :) I've still been struggling with blending, but I think that in my last piece I just finished I'm really starting to get the hang of using flow to blend. Here's the picture(it's a dog):

As per usual I fucked everything up and accidentally saved the picture on a low resolution and it got really blurry when I turned up the resolution... I wish I lived in the middle ages so I wouldn't have to deal with shit like this.
Still looks kinda half-shitty but whatever. At least it doesn't have that muddy look that is so hard to avoid when using opacity for blending.

Here's the reference + painting of girl:


Captain Brian Tracey Krautersty - leader of the Gray Brigade, the most feared mercenary clan of the Haplotron sector.
Drawn from imagination(obviously).
Nice character! I would suggest giving him a more distinct expression :D

Keep up the studies!

Thank you for providing the reference side by side. You did good work drawing with middle colours so far, now you need to draw in with darker and lighter colours.
I did a paintover, 

Study the volumes on the face, these volumes appear as they are because their colours change, getting darker or lighter. And the head is a volume reflecting the light it receives from the light source directly ( as it falls on the volume) and indirectly ( as it reflects off of the environmental space the object is in).

add darker colours

add lighter colours

Hope it will be helpful in your study and practice!

It's been quite a while. Sorry to all my fans. I've been lazy AND busy, and almost didn't paint or draw at all for quite some time.

Dodegaa: Sorry for not following up on your paintover. I'll make sure to get around to it.

Anyways, I painted this self portrait today. I think it turned out really good! But I also discovered I can't paint hair at all. :D



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