What do you guys do when you're stuck on a commission?
The commissioner says it's great but I just can't stand the way it looks and don't even know where to begin fixing it. This thing really has me worn down, just looking at it makes me want to go take a nap!

The cool thing is that they paid me 5x more than what I usually get and offered to pay more since it's given me so much trouble, but I think that just makes me feel more pressured. As time ticks by, it gets even worse. The example they showed me only took me about 40 minutes. Why is this one taking so long (a couple days)? OTL
Hey mimi!

Haha, I'm currently in your position right now.

It's hard, but, you know - you've just gotta push through it. Put your everything into it, even though it's boring you to tears (don't worry, mine is as well ._.). I mean hey, 5X more than what you usually get offered? I would suck it up and put my head down this time haha.

Look, depending on your deadline, you don't have to work nonsensical hours to get it done - just a good 4 hours a day. Though I'm not sure what kind of style you've been commissioned to work on -- is it a full blown illustration or?

Don't feel pressured, they commissioned you for a reason! Believe in yourself! As artists, we live in a cycle of believing and doubting our abilities... now is not a time for you to be procrastinating and doubting yourself :D


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