Laura_H's Sketchbook
Just posting everything from start to now with my new tablet :) [still pretty new!]

[Image: wip_02_2012_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4oak54.jpg]

[Image: wip___01_2012_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4o3hke.jpg]

[Image: headless_shortsman_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4ocew3.jpg]
[Image: tom_hanks_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4oci75.jpg]

[Image: facial_study_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4q1y3d.jpg]

[Image: study_tweaks__by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4q3z2g.jpg]

Couldn't get her eye right, need to head back and fix it at some point.

[Image: birdy__by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4qakkw.jpg]

[Image: apollo__wip__by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4qqxwx.jpg]

[Image: ladyface_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4ra6l7.jpg]

[Image: cumberbatch__by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4rxwyl.jpg]
Great start to your sketchbook so far :)

Very nice work! I'll be keeping my eye on this thread!

Hey, thanks for the nice comments guys! Been slacking on the drawing front due to work/lack of work/removal companies/moving country/jobs/morejobs. I managed to get in some study time last night.

[Image: me__myself_and_i_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4upl2q.jpg]

[Image: me__myself_and___what_the____by_tea_and_...4uwth8.jpg]

I ... I don't know what i was doing hah.

[Image: renner_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4vften.jpg]

Nice work Laura, think I spy a Benedict Cumberbatch?

Keep it up, where's the Bloodsports?
The bloodsports? I totally need to hang my head in shame, I've been useless when it comes to the bloodsports!

Both WIPs

[Image: tumblr_m2acw2j4041r3mafio1_500.jpg]

[Image: 303328_10150672098711361_638361360_98521...7499_n.jpg]

Hey there Laura :D
I always see you on Dan's streams, but it's the first time I actually see your sketchbook. Nice ones! :D

If I can suggest you something, try using a softer brush (less textured) on the hair on this last female face. Use the textured brush only for highlights - I have often better results this way.

Keep it up, I'll be watching!


Hey Sula! Thanks for the feedback, all my drawings/work seem to be WIP (something I need to do and finish some!) The hair isn't finish, I just put something in as you can't have Scarlett tottering around with a baldy head, that and I need to actually put something on here. Please do keep prodding me though, I need to ensure I finish some of these!

[Image: adventureland___a_little_more_adventure_...4xct64.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m2suhpnoY91r3mafio1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m2usexdIyn1r3mafio1_1280.jpg]

Update dump

[Image: bewbs_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4xlal8.jpg]

[Image: evette_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d4xul7t.jpg]

[Image: random_____face_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d504gmf.jpg]

[Image: study_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d56ut3h.jpg]

[Image: speedystudy_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d56yga0.jpg]

[Image: _wip__by_tea_and_a_digestive-d504hbj.jpg]

[Image: experimentsderp2_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d551wpo.jpg]

[Image: study_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d569ubr.jpg]

[Image: facederp_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d56s0q2.jpg]

[Image: wip_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d5774av.jpg]

[Image: pink_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d57a1kt.jpg]

[Image: face_study_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d57pvmr.jpg]

wow laura, you have a real knack for eyes, brilliant stuff! How long have you been drawing before you got your tablet? Keep these updates coming :3

Pwetty pwetty pwetty! Keep it up, love it!
Thanks Jaik, I've been painting and drawing for years, just having a few issues learning and trying to emulate it digitally. :)

Thanks Leia! <3

My first environment/landscape thing ^_^

[Image: environment_by_tea_and_a_digestive-d58r6sa.jpg]

[Image: 524033_10150968339211361_1815651482_n.jpg]

Trying something, hmm.

Very nice enviros Laura!

Love the torrent with the weird angle - looks very dynamic and that is seldom for an environment picture. keep it coming!

[Image: 484516_10150972486651361_1484858410_n.jpg]


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