am i practicing correctly?
I've been practicing tigers for about two months, now. I've never studied a subject before so I have no experience.
am I studying correctly? Is there a faster way to study?

Here's the link to my sketchbook (in a different forum)

basically, I've been drawing from reference pictures (more of a copying, however), breaking the bodies and faces down into forms, and then drawing them from imagination.
I also started drawing bodies with skeletons.

please let me know if you can't access my sketchbook.
I think you're doing a good job so far. Lots of tigers from imagination and I see you starting to get into learning the anatomy as well. Maybe go a little deeper and start with the basic skeleton. Break them down into a skeletal mannequin the way Loomis does with people. Dont need to memorize every bone just get basic knowledge of the over all structure. Then memorize the basic larger muscles forms and their attachment to the bones. Also I like the way your using oval shapes to get the gesture down. I would add another approach to that as well. Try to construct the tiger over top of the ovals with block forms. Try to understand the plane changes and get proper perspective in there. So to put all of it together. Start with the oval gesture like you're doing then add the perspective boxes over it and then add anatomy over that. Try to build it up slowly and really understand each stage separately. The stronger your understanding in each area (gesture, construction and anatomy) the easier it will be to create really believable and dynamic tigers from imagination.

@adam lina

thanks for the reply, adam! I'll be sure to work more on planes and constructive form, then!

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