The Art of Tyler Donnelly
(03-13-2013, 11:58 PM)helmighs Wrote: I really enjoy your linework it actually seems more advanced than your color and lighting work.
Those last few images do show improvement on those part :D
Looking forward to you new work.

@Helmighs: That's probably because I spend a few hours a week on a train sketching people. So my lines are a lot more confident then my colors and lighting. That's where Eduardos suggestions of doing masters and still lives come in. I will have to set one up and work on it throughout the week.

Gotta keep you all on your toes.

Parax Orthean:
From an old D&D Campaign..


great mood on Parax Orthean man :) Wanna see more!

Another Quick Update.

(03-15-2013, 12:33 PM)anzhou Wrote: great mood on Parax Orthean man :) Wanna see more!

@Anzhou: Thanks! There will be more I have a few ideas right now i want to follow through with :)

Really like this last one!

Nylelevi - Thanks!

Here is a new study. got back into painting faces. One of the few things I know i have to work on.

Latest Piece looks fantastic! Keep at it!

A quick sketch from tonight. Playing with some design. and a little rendering. We'll see where this goes i guess.

Ahh that face looks good man, can't wait to see it finished.
keepa goin~

Nice studies! From top to bottom I really see progress here, especially in terms of value :) Love the pencil sketches btw!

Hope you'll get back soon with some new stuff! :P

that portrait in 48 looks really cool, and the environment is a really interesting concept. Keep up the good work :)

Some Wyvern. 3hrs. Yaaaay Dragons.


Nice shapes and eyecandy!

@Lumens: Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like what I got here :D

Here's the last udpate. I think i'm done tinkering for now.

Some very impressive progression in this sketchbook Tyler. That dragon piece is pretty epic.

@Craig Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing it. It was inspired through watching a Kekai Lecture.

This one to be exact:

Here's a WIP for another environment in the same vein of the Parax Orthean piece. at the 30 minute mark. Crits and suggestions welcome!

Forgot to post the description I'm basing this image off of.

Quote:several miles into the woods through overgrown trails south of the wall at frontier town was a large clearing. large enough so that on approach it seemed as though you were reaching the coast. on arrival there stood a large step pyrimid of some sort similar to that of the aztec or myan culture. there seemed to be no doors into the structure only stairs rising to the top. clearly, even from the ground a terrible altar waited at the top, overgrown by nature and word through the sands of time. while circling the structure a crater, though shallow, large enough for a group to camp within stands out. the center of this circular impression of the ground was marked with a long sword buried nearly a foot into the cracked earth.


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