Enixtm - Mihai Radu's sketchbook
Heyyy daggers, i'm Mihai from Romania, bit of a lurker around here and on the streams, i know a good bunch of you, while i'm pretty sure not many know me. Though i personally know Alex Negrea and Sickbrush, soooo, how's THAT for credentials!?! <3

So, i'm just gonna post some stuff from this and last year to get them out of the way, i don't want to flood this with oldies, i hope i'll have more newer, better, fresher, cleaner, tastier(....) stuff to post from now on.

A Bloodsport that i didn't finish in time.. it was fun. And difficult. Thanks to Alex Negrea for some helpful tips.
[Image: nausicaa+poster+POST+smaller.jpg]
and a study for what i imagined her face would kinda be like.. ended up something else..
[Image: annasophia+sudy.jpg]

Some pen studies on paper. Had to digitally clean the paper and compile them.
[Image: pix+dump+1.jpg]
[Image: pix+dump+2.jpg]
[Image: pix+dump+3.jpg]

A cute vegetarian dragon for a contest on deviant, aaaand a white sorceress..
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=68465&d=1328821495]

My lizard bloodsport, oh the ridiculousness!
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67158&d=1327692968]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67159&d=1327692968]

Hogarth hands:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=62785&d=1322080451]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=64835&d=1325356540]

Some game of thrones and thor studies:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=64833&d=1325356540]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=57699&d=1315680963]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=57888&d=1315933692]

Some hot stuff study
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67161&d=1327692968]

[Image: 881_large.jpg]

Something for another deviant art contest, got 5th place : D
[Image: 155_max.jpg]

CGHUB star wars challenge:
[Image: 106_max.jpg]

Random character, for a change, not a challenge! x D
[Image: 299_max.jpg]

Random helmets and heads
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67163&d=1327692999]

Bleach character portraits, Rapoza-rip-off, i know : <

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67164&d=1327692999]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=67166&d=1327692999]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=68468&d=1328821495]

Finally, sheeeeesh! A few auto-portraits...

[Image: 08.1-2.2011.jpg]
[Image: 08.5.2011.jpg]
[Image: 08.17.2011.jpg]

I wanted to upload them via this site's attachment mangager, but.. i..couldn't figure it out :huh: I added attachment, clicked insert in post or whatevs, and on 'preview post' it didn't show. So i wasn't sure what's up, and linked them up here from cghub and blogspot. So if chgub crashes or something, you can't see them here. HAHA! i should reasess my ways of uploading. : O

hey man, i'm really glad to see you in here at last. this is all looking great and it will surely get better and better. welcome aboard mate.

Thanks for stoppin by, Crissssssssssss!

Here's a Bloodsports that i didn't finish in time: Maxx Marnsten: the ladies love him, but he'd rather be alone.

Maybe he would be more friendly if said girls wouldn't be.. toxic mutants. Think about the level of protection you'd need..to.. .. i.. i ..don't..even..

[Image: maxmarsten2099startline.jpg]
[Image: maxmarsten2099post.jpg]

and Cubone..

[Image: cubone-a-licious.jpg]

cool stuff mate! With the last pieces try to bring in some atmospherics with smoke and a desaturated background

Thanks, rich, i'll keep that in mind. Color temperatures is something that goes over my head, and needs some studying.

Here's two master studies and an application. Thanks to Sam for suggesting the master study week!

[Image: repinstudy1.jpg]
[Image: sargentbeatricestudy.jpg]
[Image: darksorc.jpg]

Barragan Luisenbarn fan-art.

[Image: Barragan.jpg]

Study of the painting called Le crab by William Bouguereau. A decent amount of hours into it. Over 10 hrs i think. With lots of Diablo 3 beta intertwined.

[Image: Bouguereau-Lecrabfinal.jpg]

Oooo Oooooo, you're a hot boy, welcome!

Thanks, for droppin by! I know you're the landlord around here. :))

Here's another GoT study.
Name's Theon, rhymes with neon.
[Image: theon.jpg]

A study
[Image: sunghilistudy.jpg]

Applying stuff from study. Even when i'm not making fan-art, i'm still making fan-art. Enjoy Mai Shiranui and the D3 wizard at the same time. I know i would. : O
[Image: redsorc.jpg]

Here's some Mass Effect fan-arts that i've done for Koobismo's Marauder Shields comic. I have been welcomed into his team, and i am glad to be able to help from time to time with some illustrations. The Jack image will be used in the future for something hopefully exciting. We'll have to wait and see. : D

See some dead people, that is.

[Image: MarauderShieldsdone.jpg]

[Image: Jackfinalpost.jpg]

So, traditionals. Who knew pencils and pen existed, right!? Am i right? haha.

[Image: jul2012000.jpg]
[Image: jul2012001.jpg]
[Image: jul2012002.jpg]
[Image: jul201200333.jpg]

And this ridiculousness is a continuation to link this ridiculousness. 100 faces of non-metal (singers). I have messed people up beyond belief.
[Image: 100facesofnon-metalsmall.jpg]

And digitals. Same pose, lol. Experimenting with painterly styles. It had to be done.
[Image: 1212.jpg]

To sum it up, i felt the need lately to detach from the fan-art train and see what my mind can muster. This has to continue if i'm ever going to build a creative portofolio that ain't filled with Bleach and Street Fightarz.

[Image: runninggal2.jpg]

Wow.... Really great skecthbook... why have you just been lurking!? lol ..... Great painting technique I'd like to be able to add something that you could improve on, maybe in some of your paintings the eyes seem a little big, but I'm not sure if you did it on purpose or not. Well great start and keep up the hard work!!

Absolutely awesome sketchbook man!

Great sketchbook. Keep it up!

Holyshit man, awesome sketchbook.

Really dig the last studies:) you are improving my friend!
Oh, i'm getting a really nice reception here it seems! Thanks, you guys are kewl!

JonHop: I'm a bit of a lurker usually, shying away from talkin to people. I know i'm screwed if i keep that up. I'm trying to fit in more and more. About the eyes, hell no it's not on purpose. :) I'm not trying to cover up mistakes and say it's my style, haha. Just need more study, thanks for pointing it out.

BrotherOstavia: thanks again, i remember you from Deviant. My pageview increase that day turned out to be due to a share on tumblr of my Jack fan-art.

James Wu: Thanks, and heyy, i see some juicy colors in your works. Love this one http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-a...2568_n.jpg

Ursula: Though i never actually joined the conversations, i remember your username from the streams. Thanks for droppin' by. Clicked your Dev. You're goood!


I wasn't going to post stuff, but wanted to reply to you golden boys and girls, so, here i realised i didn't post this study of Yvonne here
[Image: Yvonne.jpg]

and something i REALLY wasn't going to post: just decided to finish ma orc and send it to that Wizards challenge. I'm hoping they're still recieving stuffs. I know there's no exact deadline. THIS IS A WIP!!! Colors are so toned down. : < I didn't realize that until i took a break from it and looked at awsome paintings.

[Image: 11.jpg]

And le finished version. Let us compare! : D

[Image: Orcshamansend.jpg]

GoT study!

[Image: LordBoltonstudy.jpg]


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