kidult's sketchbook
Thanks for the great comment

so been busy with concept art work so not much to show apart from some studies and bits:
food studies:
[Image: 9.jpg]
head studies:
[Image: IMG_158.jpg]

some pen drawings, straight to pen no pencil sketchings... trying to get my Kim Jung Gi on:
[Image: IMG_164.jpg]
[Image: IMG_168.jpg]

messing around with the ambient occlusion "technique"
[Image: ao%20test.jpg]

and wip for new piece:
[Image: portfolio4.jpg]

so more odds and ends done in between concept art work (which I wish I could show but it's under NDA as usual)
Playing around with multiply and linear burn blending modes:
[Image: ao%20test2.png]
More pen sketching:
[Image: IMG_170.png]
[Image: IMG_176.png]

from life:
[Image: IMG_232.jpg]

[Image: IMG_237.jpg]

warmup sketches:
[Image: IMG_241.jpg]
[Image: IMG_244.jpg]
[Image: IMG_243.jpg]
[Image: IMG_242.jpg]

then some concept art stuff, was meant to be for my portfolio but I got caught up with unit ideas instead of just designs for one dog so I'l do variations on the next set. Also done as if for a fantasy rpg / mmo game. This is also how I show my ideas to clients. A linework piece and a very rough colour piece:
[Image: war%20hounds%20line.jpg]
[Image: war%20hounds.jpg]

then working the designs up to a more finalized in-game look:
[Image: war%20hounds%20paint.jpg]
[Image: war%20hounds%20paint.png]


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