2016 Daily as Possible Group Sketchbook
Edit: The purpose of this thread has been changed to a group sketchbook for posting any kind of art into. Still try to draw at least an hour a day!
This is a thread to post studies and art practice work into. Together lets make a habit to practice at minimum 1 hour a day. 
The only rule for posts is that it must be art done as study, practice, from a course or a book, etc. Try to push out of your comfort zone.
Time to make a ton of art gains in this new year!!

Studies for today

Hello, otterman here. Working on painting colors as I see them, and getting a better understanding of how light works. Start with a photostudy!

@pandamonic, looking good :)

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Otterman!! Nice colorsss
As for me my goal is to make it through an art instruction book (I never thought of them as textbooks but I now need to start doing so, so here goes)


Flat brush study after Edgar Payne.

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mixed stuff from traveling this break- watercolors and microns on my little sketchbooks.

Batch post from the beginning few days of my trip to Australia (I've been here for 2 days now and will be staying for 3 weeks)
Airplane ride + cockatoos + trees


Drew my mom in the kitchen as she did various tasks!
Wow Steven, your mom can be in 5 places at once!

DId some friday night/saturday morning painting on photoshop! i learned that naming my layers really helps with organization and editing. Did u paint those from reference or from traveling? 

I painted those from observation ^^
Sweet fanart!! Colors are working well together. You should give paint tool sai a try, it smooths your brushstrokes automatically.
PS. Should I change the thread name if you want to start posting stuff besides just studies? :O I'd be fine with having this be just a group sketchbook thread like we talked about originally. I think it would be good to have a place to post things - successful or not - without having to care about how polished it is...I don't have anywhere like that right now lol. Somewhere we feel ok acknowledging that we're students and still learning, where we can put stuff we're exploring, studying, and anything in progress and not have to filter things that are showable/professional or not, not be afraid to show work where improvement is in progress or obviously outside of comfort zone. 

Sorry for the backlog of posting, been busy in my classes :) We're in Week 6. 
Here's my Week 1 stuff from my Viscom 1: Dynamic Sketching class at CDA with Peter Han. First time working on toned paper, and with copics. Really recommend everyone to take the course, if you can't take it in person, take it through CGMA. It changes the way you think.

Stuff from Week 2 of the class.

(03-20-2016, 02:16 AM)pandamonic Wrote: Stuff from Week 2 of the class.

I've seen the trailers for that class on youtube, do you feel like you're getting a lot out of it? Seems like a good strategy for improving at  form and volume

Hey guys, I'm excited to be a part of this thread. I'm currently trying to get bet better at the human figure in terms of structure and form. The main two resources I'm using are Proko's videos on mannequinizing the figure and Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth.
 About half of these are from reference, half from imagination.

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